Dog Treats & Dog Bones

Dog treats and dog snacks are sensible supplements to your pet's regular diet. Treats for dogs can provide your pooch with extra vitamins and nutrients that regular dog food may not provide and many are good for dental health too plus stop your dog finding other things to chew. Dog bones and dog chews keep your pet busy, while small dog treats make good dog rewards during training or just because!

Natural dried dog snacks - 100% meat

  • Tasty treats for your beloved pet!

    Here at zooplus we offer a great range of delicious dog snacks, with tasty treats, training aids and crunchy biscuits. You can also find beneficial dental care snacks or treats designed to support healthy joints, skin or stomachs. No matter your dog's nutritional requirements, we offer treats to suit every palate and meet every need. There are also 100% natural meaty snacks and a range of options available exclusively here at zooplus!

  • Is there a delicious yet tasty way to treat or train my dog?

    Dog snacks hold a permanent place in many dog owners' pockets - little wonder, given that treats are not only a popular reward but also a great training aid! Chewing, biting and nibbling help to satisfy your dog's natural instincts. Snacks designed for chewing help to clean your dog's teeth and strengthen jaws, as well as offering great relaxation during stressful situations.

    Not all dog snacks are created equal! The right treat for your dog should be delicious yet healthy, tailored to puppies, adult dogs or seniors. Just like when choosing a dog food, it can be beneficial to choose a treat that is made without added sugar or chemical additives. Dental care snacks should be hard and chewy, encouraging your dog to take time chewing rather than simply wolfing its treats down.

    Active, young and sensitive dogs love to pass the hours working on "their" chew, such as bones and antlers, which can be a great way to reduce nervousness or stress during unusual times or big changes.

  • Which dog snack or dog treat is right for my pet?

    Your dog can benefit from our great range of different dog chews and snacks available here at zooplus!

    Healthy digestion

    Dogs with sensitive stomachs can benefit from tailored treats, with extra fibre or added probiotics and probiotics to support healthy digestive systems. Prebiotics are made from plants whilst probiotics provide essential friendly bacteria, which work together to support a balanced intestinal flora. This can help your dog to benefit from healthier digestion and a stronger immune system.

    Skin & coat

    Natural coat-health dog snacks rich in omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids can help to keep your dog's skin healthy, as well as supporting a glossy shine in its fur.

    Dental health

    Here at zooplus we offer a range of dental care snacks that can help to keep your dog's teeth clean. Chewing helps to reduce plaque and tartar, as well as strengthening teeth and jaws. There are also treats that can fight the bacteria that cause bad breath, helping to keep your dog fresh!

    Joint care

    Joint snacks rich in vitamins and antioxidants are a great way to strengthen the joints, helping to reduce inflammation and keep your dog moving and exploring!

    Healthy weight

    Fibre-rich, low-fat snacks with plenty of natural ingredients are a great way to keep your dog slim and healthy, whilst still enjoying tasty treats!

  • What should I look out for when treating my dog?


    If your dog is prone to swallowing treats whole, try to choose snacks that require longer chewing. This helps to prevent your dog from eating too quickly, which can lead to choking.

    Appropriate snacks

    Dog treats come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to choose one that is right for your dog. If your dog is small, you need to be careful not to over-treat. Talk it through with your vet if you aren't sure how many treats you should be giving your dog.

    The right snack

    You know your dog's personality and preferences like nobody else, so be sure to choose a treat that suits your dog! For example, if your dog is prone to sensitive teeth and gums, avoid hard chews. If your dog loves to chew and could spend hours on each treat, look for chewing sticks or antlers.

  • How do I choose the right snacks for my dog?

    Here you can find a brief overview of the main snack groups we have to offer.

    Chew bones & sticks

    These hard bones are a great way to keep your dog entertained for hours. Bones and chew sticks are available in a great range of options, including beef or pork, filled or coated. Their consistency means your dog is kept busy for ages, as well as offering dental care.

    Joint care snacks

    These snacks are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and collagen, helping to keep joints healthy. Many tailored joint care snacks also contain chondroitin and glucosamine to support your dog's mobility.

    Dental care snacks

    Rich in minerals and natural active ingredients, these help to keep your dog's breath fresh. Dental care is an important thing to consider, especially in older dogs. Dental care snacks can play a key role in supporting your dog's tooth structure into later life.

    Dog biscuits & snacks

    Biscuits are a classic when it comes to dog snacks! These offer calcium, vitamins and minerals, as well as being crunchy and low in calories - keep your dog healthy!

  • What else does zooplus have to offer?

    Here at zooplus you can also find a great range of special offers and new products to meet your dog's snacking needs!

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