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Cat Baskets & Beds

Cats love a comfy and cushy place to be. That's why a lovingly arranged cat bed is a must for every cat owner. Here you'll find a great selection of cat beds, pillows, blankets, and dens for your cat. Your kitty might never want to get up again!

Cat Baskets & Beds

Cosy comfort for your cat

Sleeping is very important for cats - they can spend up to sixteen hours a day napping! At zooplus, there is a wide selection of cat baskets and cheap cat beds that will keep your feline friend cosy and content. From stylish sleeping dens to wicker cat baskets and everything in between, we are certain that you will find the comfortable bed of your cat's dreams! All models will provide your cat a secure place to catnap, whether in a traditional cat basket or a more modern cat bed.

Different Styles:

Cat Dens:

Cats love their surroundings to feel safe and smell familiar! Our range of cat dens offer your cat the added comfort of a space all their own. The inside of the cat dens are soft and cuddly, ensuring your cat can doze in a snug and secure environment.

Cat Houses:

Place your cat house outside or inside and provide your cat a place to relax - away from the wind, cold and heat. Choose your favourite from our selection of cat houses and give your pet a private haven, where he can curl up and purr away!

Cuddle Bags:

If you're looking for something a little different, our collection of cuddle bags is ideal for any sleepy cat! Your cat can cuddle up inside and snooze for hours - now you just have to persuade them to come out!

Cat Wicker Baskets:

Anyone looking for a classic design will be spoilt for choice with the range of wicker baskets at zooplus. From cheap cat beds to more luxurious options, we have something for everyone. Choose a wicker basket with a handle and mesh door for a stylish cat den and carrier in one - perfect for journeys to the vets!

Radiator Beds:

There is nothing cuter than watching your feline friend dream away the day. Cat Radiator Beds are made to fit over your radiator - cats are always on the lookout for the warmest places to sleep, so these beds are pure bliss!

Helpful Hints:

Browse our full selection of cat beds here at zooplus:

  • Modern Cat Beds: for the sleek and stylish modern cat, these beds include seats, nests, hammocks and cubes, with something for everyone and offering an eye-catching addition to your home.
  • Wall Mounted Cat Beds: if your cat feels safer off the floor, then choose a cat bed that can be attached to your wall. This is also ideal if you struggle for floor-space in your home.
  • Cosy & Snuggle Cat Beds: for the extra cuddly cat! Plush, fleecy and cosy, these are perfect for cats that feel the cold and love to nap.
  • Jungle Cat Beds: if your cat is less of a tabby and more of a lion, then provide the bed to match the personality! We also offer colour combination beds, including black & white cat beds, chocolate & vanilla cat beds and Pretty in Pink & Blue Cat Beds, which are great for welcoming little ones into your home. Something for every taste!

Comfy snoozing options are not just for your cat: why not check out our range of dog beds and related offers in our shop?

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