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Cat toys are needed in every household! Toys bring variety into your cat's life, keep them fit, and sharpen their senses. Whether with or without owner, with the right cat toy, your cat will never get bored. Have fun picking something out!

Stimulate the senses of your cat

  • Playful, happy times for your cat

    Here at zooplus you can find a great range of high-quality cat toys designed to get your cat moving, keep it entertained and build the bond between you and your pet. As well as classic toys such as balls and cat danglers, you will also find plenty of more unusual toys as well as intelligence puzzles and enticing catnip delights, all of which have been created with your cat in mind!

  • How can cats benefit from having cat toys to play with?


    Often cats living in busy towns and cities spend most of their time indoors - whilst they may be happy to sleep all day, keeping active is essential in supporting your cat’s health and wellbeing. It is not uncommon for cats living a sedentary lifestyle to end up suffering with weight problems and weight-related issues. Healthy cats require regular exercise, and toys are perfect for keeping your cat interested and moving for long periods of time.

    Anxiety management

    Just like humans, cats can also get bored, stressed or anxious. Cats have natural instincts that can be difficult to satisfy in a human household environment. This includes scratching behaviour, which can see carpets and curtains destroyed if you do not provide a suitable outlet such as a scratching tree or scratching board. Playing with toys is a great way to alleviate symptoms of depression or boredom in cats and it has also been shown that frequent playtime can reduce aggression and unwanted behaviours.

    Brain training

    Cats are natural born hunters and enjoy a challenge that will keep them occupied – however, prey can be few and far between inside your house! Games can help cats develop their skills and enhance their intelligence, as well as satisfying that natural instinct to hunt.


    When you take the time to play with your cat and have a good time together, your bond becomes stronger. Most cats enjoy human contact and playing together offers the perfect opportunity to strengthen your connection, using a cat dangler toy or chase toy. It has also been shown that playing games can reduce stress and anxiety in humans as well as cats, so you will both benefit from sharing some time together.

    Better relaxation

    Active cats can also relax and rest better than non-active ones. Much like humans, being physically tired is the best way to ensure deep, replenishing sleep. Unused energy can leave your cat fidgety and unable to form a regular sleeping pattern, which we all know can severely affect your sleep as an owner as well.

  • How do I choose a cat toy?

    The broad range of cat toys available here at zooplus may leave you feeling lost and confused, so we have compiled a list of handy tips of things to look out for, to help you choose the perfect toy to meet your cat’s needs.

    1. Size: make sure the size of any toy you purchase is appropriate for the size of your cat. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of options, including toys more suitable for kittens.
    2. Materials and durability: all of the toys you find at zooplus are of top quality, so you can be sure they will withstand play. However, if your cat is particularly large or boisterous, it may be beneficial to choose a tougher toy – we also offer cat trees with sturdier base plates, so that every cat can play no matter its size. We also offer a great range of materials, including sisal for scratching and catnip to encourage play.
    3. Safety: here at zooplus, our cat toys are designed specifically with safety in mind, avoiding small removable parts where possible to help prevent your cat from swallowing potentially harmful pieces. You should be sure to regularly check toys for any damage.
    4. Washable: although this is not necessarily an essential, it can make your life easier if your cat’s toys can easily be washed! This is especially true of plush or soft toys, which can hold onto bacteria and unpleasant odours.
    5. Stimulating effect: if your cat requires a little bit of extra encouragement to play, there are natural oils and plants that can stimulate its senses. Catnip, for example, can be used to train your cat and attract your cat to certain toys or certain areas of your home. Valerian is another herb that can arouse the olfactory senses of your cat. Both of these herbs can help with stress relief and when contained in or sprayed on to toys or scratching posts they can promote exercise and ignite curiosity to explore.
  • What types of cat toys are available?

    Thinking about getting a cat toy, but not sure which one to get? Have no fear! Here you can find a brief overview of some of the toys for cats available for you at zooplus, all available in a range of options to ensure you and your cat find exactly what you are looking for.

    Interactive Toys

    Mazes, games and activity boards are a great way to keep your cat entertained, stimulating curiosity as well as creating a great bonding experience for the two of you. Your cat will need to concentrate to successfully play – many of these interactive cat toys offer a place to hide treats or dry food, to really get your cat motivated!

    Chase Games

    Cats are natural predators, so anything that encourages them to try and catch its ‘prey’ is bound to keep it entertained for hours! Whether you choose a toy mouse, a teasing laser toy or a cat dangler toy, these are another great way to strengthen your relationship as well as satisfying your cat’s natural instincts.

    Scratching Toys

    As well as protecting your furniture from sharp claws, scratching toys satisfy your cat’s natural needs and can allow for hours of entertainment. Combine with tunnels, obstacles and other delights to keep your cat thoroughly engaged!

    Catnip Toys

    If your cat requires a little extra encouragement, we offer a great selection of catnip cat toys and valerian cat toys to animate your cat’s senses. There is also catnip available in our cat treats section, which can be combined with your cat’s favourite toys!

    Kitten Toys

    Soft balls, kitten mice and other toys designed for small paws will help you build up a relationship built on trust with your kitten, as well as introducing your new cat to the delightful world of play! Be sure not to combine catnip with your kitten toys, as it has the opposite effect to that it provides for adult cats and could scare your young kitten away.

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