Bird Supplies & Accessories

Bird supplies, bird accessories and bird food at zooplus: your bird pet shop. Whether parrot toys, perches, bird toys, or a budgie cage, zooplus has what you need!

Welcome to the zooplus Bird Shop!

As with any other pet, birds need a great range of supplies and accessories to keep them happy and healthy, including food, cages or aviaries, and cage accessories. You can find everything you need for your birds here at zooplus , with a great selection of products to meet all your bird needs. Bird supplies come in a range of well-known names and with plenty of variety, so browse the range here at zooplus to find exactly what you are looking for!

At zooplus we stock a range of different bird food options, including food for domesticated and wild birds, as well as options tailored to certain breeds. Bird food supplements are also an important part of keeping your bird healthy and happy, so take a look at the zooplus collection of bird food supplements, including cuttlebones, nutrients and bird grass. Your bird will love it and can enjoy additional health benefits. There are also snacks and treats to keep your birds happy!

What about cages, nesting materials and accessories?

Bird cages and bedding are also an important part of owning birds - whether you are looking for outdoor bird aviaries or smaller indoor cages, zooplus has something for everyone. You can also find a selection of cage accessories to make your pet's home more enjoyable and appropriate. Here at zooplus we also cater for the garden birds and wildlife that may venture into your garden. We offer food and shelter that is essential for these wild creatures, meaning you can turn your garden into the ideal welcoming environment for British garden wildlife all year round.

What can I find in the zooplus Bird Shop?

Browse the full selection of bird products available here at zooplus, to ensure you can provide your bird with everything it needs for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Look at the complete range of items we have on offer!

Find the essentials or treat your birds to some snazzy new snacks or accessories, including climbing frames, crackers and bird baths.

One thing you can be sure of with the zooplus Bird Shop is that everything will be of the highest possible quality. We also value variety in our range of products, as we know that you and your bird will have your own preferences and each pet will have its own unique needs.

Bird food, snacks and supplements

Bird Food

zooplus stocks a wide range of bird food options, including specific breed foods such as parrot food, canary food, exotic bird food, large parakeet and cockatiel food, and budgie food, as well as a selection of wild bird food and chicken food. It is available in a range of well-known brands and flavour options to ensure that no bird goes hungry!

Bird Snacks & Crackers

Discover delicious and nutritious bird snacks for great value prices here at zooplus, ideal for rewarding or treating your bird as well as providing key additional nutritional benefits. With options for budgie treats, canary treats and parrot treats, amongst others, you can easily keep your bird happy.

Bird Food Supplements

Add balance to your bird’s diet with bird grit, cuttlebones and vitamins, as well as pecking stones, millet and seeds, all of which offer nutritional benefits, such as supporting healthy digestion, as well as keeping your bird happy.

Cages, accessories and toys

Bird Cages

Your bird deserves the perfect home, so choose a bird cage that is of the finest quality and an ideal size. Budgies cages, chicken coops and aviaries are just some of the great bird cage options available here at zooplus, ensuring your bird is comfortable and safe. We also offer bird transport cages to make your life easier when moving your pet around.

Bird Cage Accessories

Kit our your bird cage with toys, food holders and bird swings, as well as nesting materials and perches. zooplus also offers essentials such as water dishes and bottles, to keep your bird healthy as well as happy. Cage bird baths are also available, offering your bird both fun and hygiene.

Bird Cage Bedding & Litter

Adding bird sand or bird litter to your bird cage or bird aviary makes it more hygienic and easier to clean, ensuring the most pleasant environment for your bird to live in. You can also find claw care and flea & tick protection here, helping you to keep your birds in the best possible health.

Bird Toys

Every bird cage or aviary needs bird toys! Birds are extremely intelligent creatures and like to be stimulated by their surroundings, so choose from wood bird playgrounds, swings and climbing ropes & frames to ensure your bird is entertained every day.

Providing care and support for wild birds and other garden visitors!

It is not only our pet birds that need feeding and nourishing. Browse our great range of garden birds and garden wildlife options here at zooplus, including year-round seed, peanuts and fat balls, so that you can guarantee your garden is a welcoming environment for everyone!

You can find everything you and your birds need here at zooplus, all for affordable prices and of great quality.

For an added bonus, browse the selection of special offers your bird can benefit from here at zooplus! Great finds for feathered friends!