Furminator Deshedding Tools

The Original Furminator deshedding tool to deal with pet shedding! The FURminator grooming brush was designed to safely, efficiently and comfortably remove your pet's loose undercoat and at the same time maintain the healthy and shiny topcoat with regular use. Here at zooplus you will find a great range of Furminator Deshedding Tools with models suitable for cats and dogs in a number of sizes and for short or long hair. Furminator brushes help to make deshedding easy and stress free for both you and your pet. .

FURminator Deshedding Tools

The original hassle-free way to groom your pet!

The FURminator is the original deshedding tool to help solve the problem of pet hair in an easy and enjoyable way! It has been designed to remove any excess undercoat safely and efficiently, without damaging your pet’s coat or skin, as well as keeping the topcoat shiny and healthy, with regular grooming ensuring your dog or cat is sleek and gorgeous.
Here at zooplus there is a great range of FURminator grooming products, with dog and cat deshedding tools in a selection of different sizes and suitable for both short- and long-haired pets. Grooming no longer has to be a chore for you or something for your pet to squirm away from, with these stress-free, easy to use FURminator grooming products! The FURflex is a new addition to the FURminator collection, helping to make life hassle-free and grooming a breeze!

Browse the complete FURminator deshedding tools collection here at zooplus:

  • FURminator Dog Deshedding Tools for large, medium or small breeds: no matter whether your dog has short or long hair, is tiny or giant, FURminator offers a deShedding Tool that will do the job perfectly! The FURminator deShedding Tools can reduce shedding by up to 90%, helping to keep your home and clothes free from pet hair and easier to care for. There are also other brushes such as curry combs for removing dust and loose hair, and slicker brushes for improving coat quality, which can be combined with the deShedding Tools for the best-groomed dog in town!
  • FURminator Cat DeShedding Tools: our cats also require regular grooming in order to keep their coat, fur and skin healthy and glossy. FURminator options options for long-haired and short-haired cats, with different sizes so that you ensure your cat receives the best and most effective grooming experience possible.
  • FURminator DeShedding Accessories: round off the grooming experience with the FURminator deShedding Accessories! This selection at zooplus includes a waterless spray that helps to keep your dog’s coat clean and conditioned - even if the bath is not your dog’s friend! - and a specially designed hypoallergenic shampoo that is ideal for helping make dog and cat skin healthier and minimising hair loss. These accessories come with a recommendation from vets and professional groomers!
  • Introducing the latest in FURminator grooming technology - the FURflex! This deShedding tool is innovative and accessible, ideal for making grooming a breeze and great if you live in a multi-pet household. This great new FURminator FURflex deShedding Tool works around one simple principle - one handle fits all! Here at zooplus you can purchase a handle and head set, then add extra heads to your collection, including attachments for small, medium and large dogs, small and large cats, and other helpful FURflex heads. For example, a finishing head to make your pet’s coat look gorgeous, and an attachment that helps to clean up the removed fur - ideal! It can help to reduce shedding by up to 90% and is there perfect way to keep your pet looking fabulous without any risk of damaging skin or coat.

Grooming will become a pleasure for both you and your pet with the range of FURminator grooming tools!

Why not take a look at our great selection of special offers available now at zooplus? Keeping your pet healthy and happy does not have to break the bank!

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