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Dog kennels give your dog a sheltered place outside, while dog flaps allow your pet freedom of the outdoors. A small dog kennel can provide your small breed dog with shelter when it is outdoors, whilst an large dog kennel gives your working dog a secure and warm place to live. Travel dog kennels or houses provide your dog a home away from home. Discover our great selection of dog kennels, insulations, dog flaps & dog gates.

Dog Kennels

An outdoor retreat for your canine companion

Choosing the right dog kennel is so important. Make the right decision and your dog will actively look forward to being “in the dog house”! That is why we have put together a selection of vital points to consider when selecting a new outdoor haven for your four-legged friend.

Size: Opting for the right size of dog house will have a huge impact on how comfortable your dog is in its kennel. Too small and the dog house will be cramped, not offering your dog enough space to move; too large, and the excess space could make it difficult for your dog to stay warm during the winter months. When choosing a dog kennel, measure your dog from paw to head and from head to tip of tail, to get an idea of how big a dog house you need to buy. Your dog should have space to stand up and turn around comfortably. A size S dog house is ideal for small breeds, an M or L is for the average sized breeds and XL or XXL is ideal if you have a large breed dog. If you are buying a dog house for a puppy, make sure you know how big your dog will grow to in adulthood, otherwise you’ll find yourself needing a new dog kennel pretty soon down the line!

Material: Choose between a wooden and a plastic dog house here at zooplus - we have a range of both available for you to peruse! Each kind of dog kennel has its benefits. A wooden dog kennel is robust and fairly heavy, offering great protection from every kind of weather and helping to keep your dog cool in the summer but warm in the winter. Wooden dog houses also have a lovely finish and can be particularly aesthetically pleasing, although they may need re-treating and re-varnishing fairly regularly to maintain both their look and their functionality. A plastic dog house may also appeal to you: these kennels are much easier to wash and are fairly light, meaning they can be moved indoors during the winter if you so desire. However, a plastic dog kennel can often become overly warm and stuffy during the summer months and struggle to keep heat contained when it’s cold outside. Whether your choose a plastic dog house or a treated wooden kennel, both varieties are waterproof and can help shelter your dog whatever the weather.

Insulation: When it is cold outside, your dog will thank you for taking this point into consideration when choosing its kennel! Insulated dog houses can either have floor mats or all-round wall and floor insulation, depending on your own personal preference and local weather conditions. You can easily add or remove insulation from your dog kennel throughout the year, adding more for the chilly winter months and taking them away to offer a cool retreat from the summer sun.

Roof-type: A dog house can have either a pitched or a flat roof. If you have a large breed dog, you may want to consider a pitched roof, as this tends to be more comfortable, whereas a dog kennel with a flat roof is often ideal for small breeds.

Assembly: Think about how handy your DIY skills are when choosing the perfect dog kennel! With many of the dog houses we offer here at zooplus, you can have a quick look at the assembly instructions before you make up your mind.

Extras: If you want a dog house that offers a little taste of luxury, think about choosing a kennel with a roofed patio area, which can be a real godsend when your dog is looking to escape the heat of summer in a shady spot.

After making the all-important decision of which dog house is right for you - and your dog! - be sure to remember these key points:
Keep it clean: Your dog deserves the best, so keep a regular eye on the dog kennel to make sure it is clean and free from unpleasant odours. Clean it as regularly as necessary to keep your dog house a peaceful retreat that your dog will love. This is also extremely important for keeping your dog healthy and hygienic, as maintaining a clean kennel can help reduce the risk of health problems.
Keep insulation materials well-aired: If you have added a comfortable mat or a cosy cushion to your dog kennel, be sure to remove it regularly to keep it a clean and air it out. This helps to keep nasty smells or excessive dog hair building up in insulated dog houses and can make it both more enjoyable and more hygienic.
Keep the wood well cared for: If you have opted for a wooden kennel, there a few extra points to take into consideration. If you’re unfortunate enough to get lots of wet weather, your dog kennel is going to need treating and varnishing more often. You will also want to do this when you know bad weather is on its way, as it can help keep the wood in good condition. Place your new dog house in a sheltered spot if at all possible, to keep it protected from real weather extremes.

Have a browse through the wide range of dog kennels and insulated dog houses we have on offer here at zooplus:
  • Our Customer Picks: take the word of other dog owners, not just ours! These dog kennels are the favourites among dog owners out there, so you can choose your new dog house based on other people’s reviews.
  • Plastic Kennels: a plastic dog house has innumerable benefits, being light and easy to move, extremely roomy and a doddle to keep clean.
  • Kennels with Flat Roof: small breed dogs are often well suited to this type of dog kennel, offering maximum indoor room without taking up acres of space in your garden.
  • Kennels with Pitched Roof: if you have a large breed dog it may prefer this spacious variety of dog house, which provides shelter from the winter weather as well as a shady haven from the summer sun.
  • Travel Kennels: ensure your dog travels in comfort and style with one of these fabulous transportable dog houses.

Why not have a look at other similar products we have to offer? There’s bound to be something for every dog!

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