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Cat food supplements and special diet cat food can help your cat feel its best. Cat grass and cat malt help digestion and help prevent hairballs, while cat milk offers extra caloric energy to kittens. Fur and skin supplements can help prevent itchy skin.

  • Special nutrition to meet every nutritional need

    Cats require balanced nutrition that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. For most cats, a standard cat food is enough to meet these needs, but in some cases your cat may require some additional help. Here at zooplus we offer a wide range of specialist cat food diets and cat supplements designed to meet the unique nutritional needs every cat has of its food.

  • How can I help my cat to lose weight?

    Obesity is as much of a problem for cats as it is for people, and your cat’s overall health and wellbeing can suffer as a result of being overweight. A specialised diet cat food can help support your cat in losing excess weight. Sterilised or castrated cats, senior cats, house cats or indoor cats and others suffering with certain health conditions may benefit from eating a reduced-calorie diet. You can also find supplements to ensure your cat is receiving all essential vitamins and minerals. Seek veterinary advice and offer your cat a specialist diet for healthy nutrition.

  • Specialist diets and supplements to meet every need

    No matter whether your cat suffers with urinary stones and kidney problems, stomach and gut issues or skin and coat problems, here at zooplus you can find a supplement or specialist diet to help

    Every cat owner wants to be sure they are providing the right nutrition to support a long and healthy life. If your cat suffers from specific health conditions, it may be beneficial to offer a tailored diet – for example, here at zooplus we offer tailored cat food for cats with sensitive digestion or skin conditions. Consult your vet and choose from our range of complete cat foods and supplementary cat foods to ensure you are meeting your cat’s exact nutritional needs.

  • What about specialist diets for cats with food allergies?

    Itching and redness can be a common symptom of food intolerances. When choosing nutrition for an allergy-prone cat, it can often be helpful to avoid certain sources of carbohydrates and protein. Here at zooplus, you will find a broad selection of tailored diets designed specifically for those with allergies or intolerances, in both wet and dry food varieties.

    You can also find a selection of cat treats for those with allergies or sensitivities, including grain-free options and natural snacks, to help ensure your cat can enjoy the finer things in life without unpleasant consequences!

  • Do you offer natural supplements?

    Here at zooplus you can find a great range of natural supplements, including cat grass and malt treats to combat hairballs, cat dental care snacks to keep teeth and gums healthy, and pastes enriched with essential minerals and taurine.

    Cat milk is also available at zooplus, not only making for a tasty treat but also ideal for kittens, acting as a great gateway between weaning from a mother’s milk and moving onto solid foods.

  • Why is zooplus the right choice for specialist cat food and supplements?

    No matter whether your cat has food allergies, stomach or digestive issues, weight problems or any other number of health conditions, here at zooplus you will find the perfect specialised cat food diet! There is something for every need and every preference, with a range of styles and flavours. This helps to ensure your cat has the best possible life, without suffering with unpleasant health conditions. The added bonus of zooplus is that we will deliver everything directly to your door!

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