Looking for the best products for your gerbil? You can find all of our gerbil products here, including foods, snacks, cages, toys and items to help you care for your gerbils. Take some time to browse in our Gerbil shop, for all of your pet's needs!

Care for your Gerbil


Find everything you need to offer your gerbil the perfect life!

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of essentials for gerbil owners, with everything from food to cages so that you can be sure your gerbil is living the best possible life. There is a great selection of feeding and bedding options from a number of different brands and well-known names, ensuring that there is something for everyone.
As well as the essentials, here at zooplus we also offer a range of gerbil toys, accessories and carriers, as well as care and grooming options that help you to keep your gerbil in the best possible condition. There are even starter sets, so if you are a complete beginner to owning a gerbil, there is no need to panic!

Browse the full range of Gerbil supplies available here at zooplus

Ensure you have all of the essentials for keeping your gerbil happy and healthy.
Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of options to meet every requirement and preference.

  • Feed your Gerbil: here you can find all the essentials, such as food, snacks and supplements, diet enrichments and bedding options. These are all essential aspects of your gerbil’s life, helping to provide a healthy balanced diet that looks after every aspect of your small pet’s health. Gerbil food is available in a range of options, including complete, balanced options and a number of premium names.
  • Create a home for your Gerbil: modern cages and handy transport crates are all available here at zooplus, with playhouses to put in the cage and provide a hideaway and fun environment. There are also a range of quality accessories allowing you to kit out your gerbil’s home with a feeding station and bedding area, as well as keeping it stimulated with a range of toys.
  • Care for your Gerbil: caring for your gerbil’s health and cleanliness is an essential part of owning a gerbil, so here at zooplus we offer an extensive range of accessories. There are also plenty of gerbil toilet and odour management options that can make your gerbil’s home more hygienic and keep your house smelling fresh!

Keep your gerbil healthy and happy with the extensive selection of gerbil supplies here at zooplus.
Browse the complete range of gerbil essentials, with options to suit every need and starter sets for the complete beginner.

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