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beaphar Special Cat Diet

beaphar Renal Diet cat food is made using only top-quality natural ingredients, preservatives and flavour enhancers, which ensures its optimal acceptance. beaphar Renal Diet wet food is well-suited to cats with kidney problems, who are usually poor eaters and therefore require a diet with high protein and energy levels.
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2 products

Renal Diet: For Kidneys

beaphar Cat Food is specially made for cats with kidney and kidney stone problems. Contains the best natural, raw ingredients. Now available in this handy trial pack!

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beaphar Cat Food is specially made for cats with kidney and kidney stone problems, made from the best natural, raw ingredients, with Taurine for the heart, brain, and eyes.

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€7.19 €11.98 / kg
€7.19 €11.98 / kg
€7.19 €11.98 / kg

beaphar Special Cat Diet

Tailored veterinary cat food for renal care

Renal cat food can be an essential choice for those suffering from kidney disease, renal failure or other kidney problems. Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of veterinary renal cat food made using top quality natural ingredients, ensuring that this renal cat food is extremely well accepted and can be highly beneficial to your unwell cat’s overall health and wellbeing.
This beaphar Renal Cat Food is a wet food variety, making it well-loved and offering texture and variety to your feline’s diet. It is available in a range of different flavour options, including poultry, meat and fish varieties that are bound to please every palate. It also contains salmon oil to support the immune system, skin and coat health, as well as helping to combat chronic kidney disease.

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The range of wet renal cat food is well accepted and full of flavour and nutrition.
It can also help combat kidney stone problems.

  • beaphar Renal Diet: this renal cat food is made using a selection of natural ingredients and premium protein to ensure high digestibility and plenty of delicious flavour. It contains decreased phosphorus and protein contents to avoid overloading suffering kidneys. It is also enriched with a selection of other nutrients that have been specifically chosen to boost overall health and wellbeing. It also comes in practical trays that are easy and hygienic to serve.
  • beaphar Renal Diet with Taurine: this complete renal cat food diet for cats is enriched with essential taurine, an amino acid that cats require but cannot produce, and that can help keep the heart, gallbladder, brain and eyesight in top working order. It comes in portioned trays, so that each meal can guarantee freshness and delicious flavour.

Fine food for gourmet loving cats with kidney problems!
This range of beaphar renal cat food is designed to continue providing your cat with wholesome, flavoursome meals whilst benefiting from nutritious veterinary diets.

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