Small Pets Supplies & Accessories

Cages, rabbit hutches, guinea pig food, chinchilla sand... zooplus has all kinds of pet supplies for small pets like rodents and ferrets! Look for rat cages, rabbit cages, rabbit food, hamster food, chinchilla food, and more.

Welcome to the zooplus Small Pet Shop!

Whether you are new to the world of small pets or a seasoned professional, here at zooplus we have everything you need to meet your small pet needs. Food, toys, cages, hutches, runs and other accessories can all be found in our online shop, with a great range of variety to satisfy everyone's tastes. Small pet food is available, including grain-free and organic options, from well-known brand names. You can also find a selection of small-pet-owning essentials.

What small pet food is available at zooplus?

There is something for every kind of small pet, including rabbit food, guinea pig food, degu food, chinchilla food, rat food, hamster food, mouse food and gerbil food, and ferret food. This includes a selection of different types and brands, so that each pet's unique nutritional needs are catered for.

What about a home and accessories for my small pet?

Small pet cages and hutches are also available, with indoor and outdoor options as well as aviaries and bird cages. There is an extensive range of rabbit and guinea pig hutches here in the zooplus shop, so that you can be sure your small pet is living in comfort and style. zooplus also offers a great range of small pet runs, including metal, wooden and nylon run options.

Cage accessories are also a great option for small pets, including hamster beds, exercise wheels, tunnels and nesting materials. Choose from an extensive range of small pet accessories here at zooplus to keep your pet entertained and to make your small pet cage more engaging. Complete your small pet's home with our great selection of straw, hay and other bedding, all of which can be ideally combined with hamster beds and cage dens for optimum comfort.

Transporting small pets can also be an issue, so here at zooplus we offer plenty of transport cage and crate options, for every size of pet. There are also small pet harnesses and leads for pets such as ferrets. And not forgetting grooming - here at zooplus you can find everything you need to keep your small pet in perfect condition! Our range of small pet accessories can also be explored via your pet needs, including hamster supplies, guinea pig must-haves and rabbit essentials.

What can I find in the zooplus Small Pet Shop?

Browse the full selection of small pet products available here at zooplus, to ensure you can provide your small pet with everything it needs!

With this collection of small pet food and small pet accessories, you can ensure your small pet is happy and nourished. Take a look at the hamster supplies and ferret essentials in our shop.

One thing you can be sure of with the zooplus Small Pet Shop is that everything will be of the highest possible quality. Variety is also key in our selection of products, because we know, just like you do, that every small pet is different and will have its own unique needs!

A great range of small pet nutrition!

Small Pet Food

Every kind of small pet food you could think of! Choose your small pet's food from a range of well-known names and highly nutritious dishes, all with full flavour and balance. There are wet and dry options, as well as mixes and grain-free varieties for sensitive small pets. No matter whether you are looking for guinea pig food, rabbit food or chinchilla food, there is something for everyone.

Snacks & Supplements

Whether you are looking for natural snacks, herbs and blossoms, or treats and crunchy snacks, there is something for every small pet's tastes. Small pet forage, snacks and supplements are rife here for fantastic prices.

Small pet essentials

  • Small Pet Cages: choosing the right home for your small pet is vital, so browse our complete selection of small pet cages to find your perfect fit, including big brand names and special designs.
  • Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches: single storey hutches, double storey hutches, indoor hutches and luxury hutches - there is something for everyone at zooplus! The range of rabbit hutches and guinea pig hutches covers every option, with each hutch being premium quality and great for your small pet.
  • Runs & Fencing: a must for small pet owners! Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets all need plenty of space to roam around and explore, ensuring they have their own space either indoors or outside and to keep them happy and active! There are sizes and styles for everyone.
  • Hay & Straw: small pet bedding and straw is essential, so choose from a great selection of straw, litter, sawdust, hay and other bedding in various materials to keep your small pet comfortable and cosy. Hamster beds need never be cold and empty again!
  • Care & Grooming: keep your small pet looking and feeling fabulous with a great range of fur and coat care, eye and ear care, nail and claw clippers, and flea and tick protection, as well as small pet toilets, litter trays and odour management - so that you and your small pet are happy!

Helpful extras to make your small pet happier!

  • Cage Accessories: kit out your small pet's cage or hutch with this selection of small pet cage accessories, including hay racks, cabins and toys, to keep your small pet nourished and entertained. This can also include handy accessories such as hamster beds, designed to improve your small pet's comfort.
  • Toys & Travel: toys, toys, toys! Here at zooplus we have plenty of small pet toys for you to choose from, as well as transport carriers, transport cages, harnesses and leads for transport and travel.

You can find everything you and your small pet need here at zooplus, all for affordable prices and of great quality. For an extra little treat, browse the selection of special offers we have to offer you and your small pet!