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Burns Dog Food

Burns Pet Nutrition Limited is a UK based company, which produces simple, high quality Dog Food that has been specially developed to meet your dog's individual needs - no matter what breed, age or condition. All Burns diets for dogs and cats are hypo-allergenic and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. It uses whole grains and high quality animal proteins, which makes it a highly digestible food. Burns dog food 15kg offer even better value meaning you can give your dog nutritious meals without breaking the bank. Read more.

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Burns: A selection of natural dog and cat food products

John Burns, the Veterinary Surgeon behind the premium Burns Pet Nutrition range, has been developing pure pet products free from troublesome ingredients since 1993. Every product offers balance between the various nutrients needed to ensure your dog or cat can live as long and enjoyable a life as possible, using the finest quality vital ingredients to create recipes that appeal to every palate. All Burns diets are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives, as the natural nutrients in each dish are put together in perfect harmony for your pet’s health.

As a Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns noticed that certain health problems occurred more frequently than others in his veterinary practice. After conducting a great amount of research, John discovered that diet was often the cause of such issues, with pets not being supplied with the correct nutrients from their food. That is why he decided to launch Burns pet food, to offer nutrient-rich, health-conscious diets that work to keep pets healthy, happy and functioning smoothly.

Animal welfare standards are at the heart of the Burns philosophy, as is the use of premium ingredients produced according to such standards. Burns also offers a wet food range that is designed around nutritious home-cooking and features many of their own ingredients grown at this food’s namesake Penlan Farm.

Browse the full selection of Burns Pet Food online at zooplus:

  • Burns Dry Dog Food: complete balanced dog food rich in premium animal protein and a source of complex carbohydrates that release their energy slowly into the system
  • Burns Wet Dog Food: each pouch offers a natural meal of finest quality protein, seasonal vegetables and organic brown rice in a delicious recipe ideal for any dog over the age of six months
  • Burns Puppy Food: puppies have certain needs to help them grow and develop into healthy adult dogs, which is why Burns have developed this range of balanced kibble to keep your active puppy thoroughly nourished
  • Burns Cat Food: even sensitive cats can enjoy this hypoallergenic range of Burns dry food, as it contains no artificial additives or wheat gluten, known to be problematic for cats with intolerances

Take a look at the current range of zooplus offers on Burns Dog and Burns Cat products to help you save even more on your next selection of Burns pet food online.

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