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Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

A cat tree is an ideal play and sleeping place for cats. And it's indispensable for your cat's daily claw sharpening. Find the perfect cat scratching post, cat scratchers or cat tree for your cat here and save your furniture whilst also providing fun!

Cat Scratching Posts

The top reasons to treat your cat to a fabulous new scratching post and why you both of you will love it!

  • A scratching post helps ensure our cat has a little activity in its day, even if it is prone to laze around all day with very little exercise. Scratching is more active than you might think and can help lower the chance of your cat gaining weight, especially to the point of being overweight or obese, as well as helping minimise issues with joints in the future
  • It is the ideal full-body blast for your lazy house cat! Having a good long scratch counts as exercise and is a great way to get your cat moving if it isn’t the outdoors type
  • Is there any better way to wake up from a satisfying nap than with a hearty stretch and a scratch against a post? Not only that, but it can help stave off the boredom and keep your feline friend mentally stimulated
  • Your cat’s claws need regular activity and sharpening to keep them in tiptop condition, so a scratching post is ideal
  • Everyone likes to have their own safe haven to call their own and hide away in - this can provide exactly that! Your cat mark this post to its heart’s delight, showing everyone else in the family just who this scratching post belongs to with plenty of scent and deep scratches
  • And last but not least, every owner’s favourite reason to get a scratching post - it saves your furniture! No more scratched table legs, scarred leather sofas or damaged upholstery. Your cat can fulfil its scratching instinct on a cat-friendly toy instead, keeping your house looking fabulous. You can find the perfect cheap cat tree to keep that expensive leather sofa in pristine condition!

How to pick the right scratching post for your cat
Buying a scratching post is not as simple as picking a generic pole and hoping for the best. There are many different aspects to consider before you make a decision, including material, size, shape and any special additions you think your cat might enjoy. Every cat will have its own scratching post preferences! Here at zooplus you can browse a great range of cheap cat trees that offer quality and entertainment.

  • Material: Your first choice is whether you want a synthetic or a natural post. Our recommendation for a vertical scratching post is to go for natural sisal, a thick material that your cat will love to scratch away at!
  • Stability: This is particularly important if you have a large, heavy cat, as the last thing you want is for the scratching post to topple over and either injure your cat or cause damage elsewhere. That is why you want to choose a stable scratching post with a wide, sturdy base.
  • Size: The whole point of a scratching post is to allow your cat to stretch out to its full length and really get into its scratch, so you need a post at least as high as your cat is long!
  • Quantity: You may think that one cat’s tree is enough for any household, but think again. If you live in a multi-cat household then fights could break out over whose turn it is on the scratching post. As mentioned before, this scratching post offers your cat its own personal space, so we would recommend either getting one post per cat or maybe investing in a larger cat tree with a selection of dens and platforms, as well as posts to scratch on, so that each cat can claim its own area without too much of a fight. With the range of cheapest cat trees around, buying a cat tree for everyone does not even have to break the bank!
  • Shape: Most cats have a favourite past-time, either stretching, laying right out, or climbing as high as it can go. Think about your cat’s personal preference and choose a shape to fit - a whole range of scratching posts are available or, if you can’t decide, why not go for a cat’s tree that can accommodate all three activities?

More tips and tricks:

  • Scratching problem: Some cats just love to scratch furniture, regardless of whether a nice appropriate scratching post is available for them. We recommend spraying your furniture with a citrus or menthol scent to help ensure your cat keeps a wide berth!
  • Attract your cat: Encourage your cat to explore its new cat’s tree and have a play, showing it that this is a zone just for feline frolics. Try rubbing catnip on top of the scratching post if you are struggling to generate any real interest. A kind of mint, it contains nepetalactone that is known to cause more than 50% of cats to go into a euphoric states, causing them to sniff, lick and chew.
    Please note: do not do this for kittens, as it will encourage the exact opposite reaction and repel your young cat from the cat’s tree!
  • Play time: Danglers and hanging objects attached to the top of the post can really get your cat’s hunting and playing instincts going, getting it to climb up and swipe its paws and resulting in hours of fun! We offer not only a great selection of the cheapest cat trees around, but also accessories to go with them and intensify the fun.

Browse the rest of our scratching toys range on offer here at zooplus to find the perfect way to stimulate and satisfy your cat!

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