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A cat tree is an ideal play and sleeping place for cats. And it's indispensable for your cat's daily claw sharpening. Find the perfect cat scratching post, cat scratchers or cat tree for your cat here and save your furniture whilst also providing fun!

  • Toy, hideaway & scratching furniture all in one!

    Cat trees are an essential item in any cat-owning household and are real all-rounders! A cat scratching tree helps to keep your cat active, reducing the risk of obesity, weight gain and joint problems. A tall cat tree is also a great way for your feline to stretch its muscles and keep moving, which is vital for cats that spend large amounts of time indoors. Cat scratching posts and cat climbing trees help to keep your cat’s claws healthy and strong, as well as offering your cat a chance to mark its territory with its scent and scratch markings. Visible scratches send a clear message: I live here! The pads of the paws also contain localised scent glands, which secrete a feel-good hormone. Each cat in the household can leave its own calling card with its individual scratch markings.

  • Why should I provide my cat with a scratching tree?

    When owning a cat, there is one more thing that is as important as the right feeding bowls and a litter tray: the right scratching opportunities. Apart from anything else, if your cat does not have a specific way to satisfy its natural scratching needs, then your furniture and upholstery will undoubtedly be the first to suffer! This is not protest behaviour from your pet, but simply the only way it can find to meet its inbuilt instinct to scratch. A cat scratching tree is the perfect solution to this problem! Even better, if your cat has a chance to play and sleep on it.

    • Your cat can use a cat tree to sharpen its claws
    • Playing on a cat tree can help your cat to train its muscles and boost circulation
    • Cat trees provide the opportunity for your cat to mark its territory
    • A scratching tree is the perfect retreat for your cat, as well as offering a fantastic lookout platform at great heights
    • Your cat can let off as much steam as it likes, whenever it likes, without damaging your furniture or upholstery
  • How do I find the perfect cat scratching tree for my cat?

    Here at zooplus you can find the perfect type of cat tree for your pet. Cat scratching trees are available in a range of different varieties and materials. It is easy to lose track of what you need, so many cat owners end up simply going by the look of the cat tree. However, there are a number of objective criteria that you should bear in mind when buying the perfect cat scratching post:

    • The ideal cat tree should offer a comfortable place to snooze, a scratching board, various climbing opportunities and a cosy den as a hideaway
    • The post of the scratching tree should be made from a robust material, such as sisal
    • Kittens should begin with a small scratching tree, so that they can get used to it without risking injury
    • A floor-to-ceiling cat tree with extra thick posts and a sturdy base plate should be chosen if you have very heavy cats

    If you have put your heart, soul and money into designing the perfect living space, you make think that a cat scratching tree will not fit in with your chosen style. However, cat trees are available in a great range of options, including plenty of modern, elegant designs that will make beautiful additions to any home.

  • Which size of cat tree is right for my cat?

    Cat trees should be stable, sturdy and big enough to allow your cat to stretch itself out to its full length. The scratching post of the cat tree should be at least 10cm taller than your outstretched cat, which is why here at zooplus we offer cat scratching trees in a range of sizes. As well as offering different looks and designs, the range of cat trees also allows for different functions. If it needs some added stability, for example if you have a particularly large or boisterous cat, you can choose a floor to ceiling cat tree which, as the name suggests, reaches the ceiling and provides exciting new heights for your cat as well as improved sturdiness, or a large cat tree with a heavy base. For kittens and small cats, the range of small cat trees measuring up to 100cm is perfect. If you have more than one cat, it can be sensible to buy more than one cat tree, as this can help to reduce competition between your cats. Choose the ideal cat scratching tree for your cats, depending on whether they prefer to climb, snooze or stretch!

  • Which material is most suitable for a cat tree?

    Thick, natural sisal is recommended by cat scratching trees. If you are looking for a more modern design, take a look at our range of cardboard scratching furniture, as an item such as a cardboard cat house could be the perfect choice. The scratching furniture should not only look good, but should also be functional. If you want it to be particularly stable, a solid wood cat tree may be the most suitable option. These cat trees combine robustness and a natural look, as well as being particularly durable and long-lasting. If you are hoping for a natural look, here at zooplus we offer a banana leaf collection as a great alternative. These banana leaf cat trees offer an elegant design, made from natural banana leaf that is woven together to create a unique and elaborate piece of scratching furniture. A wicker cat tree can also be a delightful natural option, providing plenty of chances for your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws. We also offer various cat scratching trees that have comfortable cushions, with machine-washable options that are easy to keep clean.

  • What alternative scratching furniture is there?

    There are various styles of cat scratching furniture on the market, from simple scratching boards to scratching mats and scratching posts. Many cat scratching posts also offer a platform for your cat to look out from, although these do not offer such high climbing opportunities as many floor to ceiling cat trees. Many cat scratching mats and cat scratching boards can also be mounted on a wall, making it easier for your cat to stretch out to its heart’s desire. The chance to climb and watch the world from a high vantage point are the obvious features missing from these alternative scratching options, but an advantage is that scratch mats and scratch boards need considerably less space than most scratching trees. This makes them the ideal choice for cat owners without much spare living space. Although they do not offer your cat the chance to climb vertically, if they are combined with other viewing and playing options then space-saving scratching furniture such as this can be a great way to make a small apartment species-appropriate for your cat! For example, you could choose a shelf to furnish as a cat den, with a comfortable cushion or cardboard cat house that would make it ideal as a lookout platform.

  • Where can I set up a cat scratching tree?

    A tall cat tree can offer your cat a “third dimension”, with the selection of platforms ensuring your cat is able to explore the room at various heights. It not only allows your cat to scratch, but also to play, sleep and watch the world go by. A cat tree is ideally placed in the main living room of the house and near a window, as cats are sociable creatures and like to be able to see what’s going on. Allow as much space as you can around the cat scratching tree, and ideally place it away from other pieces of furniture to reduce the risk of your cat choosing your furniture as an extension to its toy! If you have a balcony, it can be a fun idea to place a scratching tree outside, but be sure to set up a cat net as well to prevent your cat getting injured.

  • How can I teach my cat to play with a scratching tree?

    Using a thin string, you can fasten small objects to the top of the cat tree or scratching post, which your cat can then play with or try to reach. Be sure that the string is fairly short, so that your cat cannot accidentally get tangled up and strangle itself. You could also rub catnip on the top of a cat post, as the nepetalactone in catnip encourages more than half of cats to sniff, lick and chew. However, be aware that catnip has the opposite effect on kittens and will repel them.

  • So you want to buy a high-quality cat tree? zooplus is the perfect choice!

    In our zooplus online shop you will find the perfect scratching tree for your cat, whether it is a small cat tree or a tall cat tree, whether you are looking for a simple option or splashing out on pure luxury, and whether you want classic wood or a unique wicker cat tree. Here there is a cat tree to meet every need and every taste, so that you and your cat can both be happy. Order your cat tree from the comfort of your own home and choose from our range of payment options to find what is right for you. You can also find a great range of other cat scratching toys here at zooplus!

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