Aquarium and Pond Supplies

Aquarium supplies & pond supplies at zooplus: your place for aquatics. Aquarium plants, aquarium decoration, fish food, and filter media are just a few of our great product categories!

Welcome to the zooplus Aquatic Shop!

At zooplus you will find everything you need to keep your indoor or outdoor fish healthy and happy! Have a browse through our fantastic selection of aquariums, food, care products and aquatic accessories, perfect for keeping your aquarium or outdoor pond in tip-top condition!

Just like other pets, keeping your aquatic pets healthy with a supportive environment and balanced nutrition is essential. At zooplus we offer a range of accessories and food for all sorts of aquatic pets. We offer a great selection of fish food in the form of flakes and tablets, as well as a range of speciality food for exotic fish. We even have a range for your other aquatic pets, including turtle and terrapin food, and nutrition for crustaceans.

What can I find in the zooplus Aquatic Shop?

Browse our complete range of aquatic products available here at zooplus, with an amazing selection of products to meet the needs of your aquatic pets!

No matter whether you have owned aquatic pets for years and are just stocking up, or if you are brand new and need to get all the essentials, zooplus has what you are looking for.

As well as the key items such as an aquarium and water care products, we also offer lighting, decorations and accessories.

Aquariums, equipment and essential aquarium & water care


If it is aquarium fish that you are interested in, then your first step is to get an aquarium! Here at zooplus we offer a great range of aquariums in a range of sizes and brands, as well as aquarium accessories and aquarium cabinets to make your aquarium gorgeous and inviting.

Water Care

Keep problems like algae under control with our water care products. This helps to ensure a healthy living environment for your fish! You can also find items such as testing strips so that you can regularly keep on eye on water condition.

Aquarium Equipment

Ensure you have the perfect aquarium for your aquatic life, with our aquarium equipment and accessories, including CO2 accessories, heaters and automatic feeders to create the perfect environment. Here you can also find lighting, decoration and cabinets for your aquarium, offering a beautiful home for your fish and a stylish addition to your home!

Feed your fish the perfect diet

Fish food

Fish food is, of course, vital! Here at zooplus we offer fish food in a range of different varieties and styles, including fish flakes, food tablets, granules, pellets and sticks. We also offer specialised fish food for breeding, bottom feeders and medicated fish food. Every aquatic creature is catered for!

Everything you need for a healthy garden pond

Keep your garden pond thriving!

It is not only aquariums that we love, but garden ponds as well. A garden pond can be a great feature and is a wonderful way to encourage thriving pond life. Pond filters, pond pumps, pond fish food, pond water care, plant fertiliser and pond water tests can all be purchased for affordable prices here at zooplus, helping to ensure your pond remains healthy.

Looking for that little something extra?

Treat yourself to some aquatic special offers for absolutely fabulous savings for fish and aquarium supplies!

You can find everything you need to keep your aquarium or garden pond in premium condition, all for affordable prices!