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Aquarium and Pond Supplies

Aquarium supplies & pond supplies at zooplus: your place for aquatics. Aquarium plants, aquarium decoration, fish food, and filter media are just a few of our great product categories!

Aquatic Shop: Fish Food, Supplies & Accessories

Welcome to the zooplus Aquatic Shop!

At zooplus you will find everything you need for your pond and aquatic life healthy and happy! Have a browse through our fantastic selection of aquariums, food and care products and aquatic accessories, perfect for keeping your aquarium or outdoor pond in tip-top condition!

Just like other pets, keeping your aquatic pets healthy with a healthy environment and balanced nutrition is important. At zooplus we offer a range of accessories and food for all sorts of aquatic pets. With a great selection of fish food in the form of flakes and tablets, as well as a range of speciality food for exotic fish. And we even have a range for your other aquatic pets, including turtle and terrapin food and nutrition for your crustaceans.

Browse the full selection of aquatic products available here at zooplus, with a great range of products to meet the needs of every fish and aquatic pet:

  • Aquarium Filters & Pumps: excellent water quality is keying in keeping your fish healthy, so browse our range of filters, pumps and filters to ensure your aquarium stays in optimum condition. We offer mechanical or sponge filters, chemical or activated carbon filters, and biological or bacterial filters, as well as combination options. Whichever suits your needs best, we have it here at zooplus!
  • Water Care: here you will find all the water care products you need to create perfect water, with algae control and cleaning accessories from well known brand names.
  • Aquarium Equipment: aquarium equipment and aquarium accessories are also a key part of owning fish or aquatic creatures, with CO2 accessories, heaters and automatic feeders, all of which ensure a perfect environment and lifestyle for your aquatic pets.
  • Aquarium Lighting: let there be light! Bring a little illumination to your aquarium with the great range of aquarium lighting here at zooplus UK, another key part in creating a healthy eco-system and also great for highlighting your aquatic loves.
  • Fish Food: fish food is, of course, vital! Here at zooplus we offer fish food in a range of different varieties and styles, including fish flakes, food tablets, granules, pellets and sticks. We also offer specialised fish food for breeding, bottom feeders and medicated fish food. Everything you could possibly need!
  • Aquarium Decoration: turn your aquarium into a beautiful environment with the selection of aquarium decoration and aquarium accessories here at zooplus, including aquarium stones and gravel, natural roots and rocks, and even aquarium backgrounds.
  • Aquarium Care: aquarium plants are great for your fish, offering a healthy aquarium environment and encouraging your fish to hide and explore. However, they need care, so get plant fertiliser, algae combatants, substrates and other accessories here at zooplus.
  • Garden Pond: it is not only aquariums that we love, but garden ponds as well. A garden pond can be a great feature and is a great way to encourage thriving pond life. Pond filters, pond pumps, pond fish food, pond water care, plant fertiliser and pond water tests can all be purchased for cheap prices here at zooplus UK to ensure your pond is healthy.
  • Aquariums: if it is aquarium fish that you are interested in, then your first step is an aquarium! Here at zooplus we offer a great range of aquariums in a range of sizes and brands, as well as aquarium accessories and aquarium cabinets to make your aquarium gorgeous and inviting.
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