Care & Grooming

Care & Grooming

Here you'll find everything that's important for the right care and grooming of your small pet.

Care & Grooming

Keep your small pet in premium health and condition!

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of small pet care and grooming options, designed to keep your small pet looking and feeling its best as well as promoting hygiene and cleanliness. This selection includes pest control, odour management and bathing aids, all of which are an essential part of being a small pet owner.
Although your small pet will clean and care for itself to some extent, it is important that you are also there to help, clipping claws, combing coats and checking eyes and ears for infection. There is also a need, as with any pet, to provide parasite protection, helping to ensure your home does not being infested with fleas, ticks or other unwanted visitors. Small pet toilets are also available here at zooplus, offering hygienic solutions and helping keep your home smelling and looking fresh.

Browse the full range of Care & Grooming available here at zooplus

Take care of your small pet’s health with this range of small pet care and grooming supplies.
Here you can also find hygienic small pet toilet options.

  • Care & Grooming: here you can find the small pet care essentials, including flea and tick protection to help keep both your pet and your home free from pests. There are also combs and tick tweezers, essential if any pests slip past your protections. We also offer combs, brushes and trimmers to keep your small pet’s coat in good condition, as well as clippers to keep claws under control without any unnecessary pain or distress for your small pet. Here you can also find wipes, drops and other treatments to help keep your small pet’s eyes, ears and other sensitive areas clean.
  • Baths: although your small pet will keep itself clean to some extent, you need to supply the necessary accessories, such as bathing sand for your small pet to burrow into and baths for daily coat care and stress relief - even small pets love a spa day!
  • Hygiene: keeping your small pet clean is essential for both its own health and your house, with small pet toilets helping to localise waste and keep the rest of your small pet’s cage or hutch clean. We also offer a great range of odour management options, which help to keep freshness and kill unwanted bacteria, available in spray, pellet and granule options.

Ensure your small pet remains healthy, happy and hygienic.
Browse the complete range of small pet care and grooming essentials, with options to suit every need.

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