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Discover our great selection of dog beds and baskets. We offer various sizes and shapes including large dog beds and oval dog beds. All will provide your dog with the perfect place to sleep. A thick dog blanket can be the perfect accessory for winter, or perhaps a dog pillow will make things even more cosy. Zooplus also offers orthopaedic beds with memory foam for those dogs that need a special, extra-comfy bed.


  • A place to sleep, a place to dream

    The dog beds available here at zooplus offer your dog stylish comfort at an affordable price. From hypoallergenic materials to memory foam mattresses and lots of other options in between, you'll be sure to find the perfect bed to meet your dog's needs. A comfortable bed is essential in your dog getting a good night's sleep, for dogs as well as humans. We offer an extensive selection of beds and dens that provide comfort at the end of a long day or for a quick midday nap. There are beds in so many different shapes, colours and styles, it is little wonder that dog owners lose track! Here we answer the most important questions about dog beds, helping you find the best option for your dog's sleep and comfort.

  • Which bed is right for my dog?

    Your dog's bed should not only be stylish and attractive, but should also meet your dog's health requirements. We offer special orthopaedic beds for older or unwell dogs, as well as beds that are ideal for dogs with joint issues. These beds use technology employed in human medicine, with high-tech material such as memory foam to support the spine and relieve pressure. Another option for dogs with spinal or joint issues is a sprung mattress. Above all other things, a dog bed needs to be robust and the right size. If the bed is too big, your dog will not feel cosy. It can be particularly tricky when shopping for a puppy bed, as you want it to keep your dog warm enough whilst also allowing for the fast growth rate of young dogs. We also offer outdoor beds, which tend to be made from waterproof material and are particularly robust, protecting your dog from cold floors and being ideal for outside snoozes.

  • How big should my dog's bed be?

    The right dog bed plays a huge role in your dog's ability to relax. It is important that your dog can easily sleep in its bed without any problems, so it needs to be big enough with a large enough sleeping area. To find an approximate size of bed for your dog, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, then add around 10cm.

  • How should I set up my dog's bed?

    Where you place your dog's bed also plays a key role. If you will be placing your dog's bed in a corner, it naturally makes more sense to choose a square or rectangular bed than a round or oval bed. It also goes without saying that you should not place the bed in the way of any draughts. You need to find a balance between the bed not being in the way but also not closed off from the rest of the household. It essentially comes down to finding somewhere that your dog can relax but still feel like part of the family!

  • Dog beds for special health requirements

    Many dogs suffer with health issues such as allergies or age-related muscular and joint problems. Here at zooplus you can find a great range of options to meet these needs:

    • Health beds: dogs with joint problems or allergies will rely on you providing a special space to sleep, so browse the full range of cushions and mattresses available here.
    • Hygienic beds: if your main concern is hygiene and cleanliness, we offer a range of dog beds that are easy to keep clean.
    • Waterproof dog beds: dog beds, mattresses and dens that do not absorb water are a great option and can be found in the dog shop. They tend to be particularly robust and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • Orthopaedic dog beds: we offer a wide selection of memory foam beds and mattresses, which ensure your dog can get essential sleep and recover. Choosing an orthopaedic bed can help to improve your dog's overall quality of life, fitting to your dog's body shape and providing the support it needs.
  • How can I make my dog's bed even more inviting?

    As well as the bed itself, here at zooplus we also offer accessories such as cushions, dog blankets and heated pads for optimum cosiness. For an extra little treat, browse the selection of special offers and new products we have to offer you!

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