Cage Accessories

Here you'll find every thing you need to equip the home of your furry friend. From stairs and toys for the cage, to fitness equipment feeding bowls. zooplus has what you're looking for.

Cage Accessories

Kit our your small pet cage to ensure a life of comfort and style!

Once you have find the ideal small pet cage to house your furry friend, you need to make sure it contains everything your small pet needs, from the necessities such as water bottles and food bowls to the more extravagant, including cabins, tunnels and activity toys.
We offer a great range of toys and essentials to put in your small pet cage or hutch, with bedding equipment and nesting materials as well as everything you need for the perfect feeding station. All of the cage accessories we offer are of premium quality and can help improve your small pet’s overall quality of life, as well as bringing you joy and peace of mind!

Browse the full range of Cage Accessories available here at zooplus

Now that you have found the perfect small pet cage, you need to fill it with wonderful things for your small pet to enjoy!
We offer plenty of cage accessories to keep all kinds of small pet entertained and cared for.

  • Food & Water Accessories: kitting your small pet cage out with the essential cage accessories for life is the first step, with water bottles, food bowls and hay racks all available here and key in ensuring a healthy, happy lifestyle. We also offer a range of food and water dispensers, which can make life easier if you are often out of the house throughout the day. Choose your small pet’s water and food bowls from a range of different materials and with fun cage accessories such as fruit holders!
  • Bedding & Toiletries: a comfortable space for your small pet is also a necessity, and here at zooplus we offer a great range of bedding cage accessories, including toilets, hammocks and bedding materials, as well as beds in a range of sizes, perfect for rabbits and other small pets. Have a browse to find the perfect bedding accessories for your small pet!
  • Fun & Exercise: as well as physical comfort, you need to ensure your small pet is entertained, both physically and mentally, with the selection of cage accessories you choose. Here at zooplus we offer cabins and houses that your small pet can hide away in, as well as tunnels for racing through and stairs for reaching new heights! Exercise wheels also make a perfect cage accessory, offering hours of entertainment for both you and your small pet!

Choose the right selection of cage accessories to keep your small pet comfortable and entertained.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet can live in style!

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