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zooplus offers a wide range of cat supplies and cat accessories. Here you'll find all brands of cat food, cat scratching posts, cat litter, cat flaps, cat beds, and much more.

Welcome to the zooplus Cat Shop!

Here at zooplus we have absolutely everything you need for your cat from day one! Food, toys, litter trays and collars can all be found in our online shop, with a range of different brands and styles, but all with one thing in common - they are at great value prices! Browse through our full ranges of cat food, litter and treats, as well as practical items such as cat flaps and transport carriers, selecting everything you need for a happy feline life for both you and your cat!

What can I find in the zooplus Cat Shop?

Browse the full selection of cat products available here at zooplus!

We offer an extensive range of products, from the basics such as food and litter to luxury items like invigorating toys and tasty treats. No matter your budget, you are catered for here at zooplus.

One thing you can be sure of with the zooplus Cat Shop is that everything will be of the highest possible quality. Variety is also key in our selection of products, as we know, just as you do, that every cat is different and will have its own unique needs.

Whether you are welcoming your first kitten into your household or are a seasoned cat owner with a thriving multi-cat household, everyone’s needs will be catered for here in the zooplus Cat Shop.

A great range of feline nutrition!

  • Dry Cat Food: all of your kibble needs in one place! Choose your cat’s food from a range of well-known names and highly nutritious dishes, all with full flavour and balance.
  • Wet Cat Food: a wet food can be a great way to round off your cat’s food, adding variety and texture to a complete dry food diet. Here at zooplus we offer cans, pouches and trays full of unbeatable flavour!
  • Cat Treats & Snacks: everything in moderation! Add tasty treats to your cat’s food diet as a reward for good behaviour or simply to show it how you feel! There are also snacks with added health benefits, such as vitamin pastes and anti-hairball biscuits.
  • Cat Supplements & Specialty Food: some cats have different nutritional needs, whether that be because they suffer from illnesses or intolerances, or because they have undergone a change such as sterilisation. No matter the cause, your cat’s food will be nutritious and complete if chosen from this range.
  • Exclusive Cat Food, Litter & Treats: here you will find a range of tasty, nutritious and beneficial food, treats and litter available exclusively here at zooplus!

Cat-owning essentials

  • Cat Litter: silica, clay and biodegradable options are all available at zooplus, as well as a range of scented and non-scented varieties to ensure that every cat litter tray can easily be filled to your requirements.
  • Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays: a must for every cat owner! Large or small, round or square, open or hooded - there are cat litter trays to meet every preference and even options like litter tray liners and mats to help keep the toilet area clean.
  • Cat Care & Grooming: there are many occasions in life that can prove stressful for a cat. Remove some of that stress with the wide range of premium Feliway products, designed to calm and soothe! Here you can also find grooming essentials such as brushes, clippers and well-known names like FURminator.
  • Cat Bowls & Fountains: creating a pleasant environment for your cat to eat and drink is very important, so pick a delightful bowl, a stylish placemat and even a fun fountain to encourage optimal intake of food, nutrients and water.
  • Cat Baskets & Beds: just like you, your cat will appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep. Choose from a range of different beds in styles and sizes for everyone, including options for smaller homes or multi-cat households.

Helpful extras to make your cat happier and your life easier!

  • Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts: save your furniture and upholstery with the wide range of cat trees and scratch mats available, with something for every space and a range of sturdy toys that your cat will love.
  • Cat Flaps & Nets: if you are a busy bee and will not always be home to let your cat in and out, then a cat flap will be a must for your household. We offer a range of innovative designs, including timer controlled and microchip activated cat flaps to ensure security as well as freedom for your cat.
  • Cat Toys: with popular brands and premium products, every cat can be entertained for hours with the selection of cat toys available at zooplus. Danglers, catnip toys, balls and battery-operated toys to imitate prey are just some of what your cat has to choose from!
  • Cat Carriers & Transport: a collar is extremely important, especially if your cat will be roaming free outside of the house. Choose from a great range in a number of styles, with everything your Lord or Lady Whiskers could wish for!
  • Kitten Products: a new kitten is a joy to behold, so make sure your fluffy feline receives a warm welcome! The zooplus kitten section offers everything you could need, including trials of different cat foods until you find the right one, collars and leads, bedding and toys. And if you are new to the cat-owning business and aren’t entirely sure what you’ll need, look no further than a Kitten Starter Set!

You can find everything you and your cat need here at zooplus, all for affordable prices and of great quality.

Still deciding on what to add to your basket?

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