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Cat Shop: Cat Supplies & Cat Accessories

zooplus offers a wide range of cat supplies and cat accessories. Here you'll find all brands of cat food, cat scratching posts, cat litter, cat flaps, cat beds, and much more.

The Cat Shop

Everything your cat could ever want or need can be found here at zooplus!

Cat Food

zooplus has an amazing selection of premium brand cat food at great prices. Choose from your favourite brands of wet and dry cat food:

Dry Cat Food: all of your kibble needs in one place! Choose your cat’s food from a range of well known names and highly nutritious dishes, all with full flavour and balance.
Wet Cat Food: a wet food can be a great way to round off your cat’s food, adding variety and texture to a complete dry food diet.

And don't forget the Cat Treats too!

Cat Supplies and Accessories

We have everything you could need to have your cat purring happily!

Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts: save your furniture and upholstery with the wide range of cat trees and scratch mats available, with something for every space and a range of sturdy toys that your cat will love.
Cat Beds & Cat Baskets: just like you, your cat will appreciate having a comfortable place to sleep. Choose from a range of different beds in styles and sizes for everyone.
Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays: a must for every cat owner! Large or small, round or square, open or hooded - there are cat litter trays to meet every preference, and lots of choices of Cat Litter to ensure that every cat litter tray can easily be filled to your requirements.
Feliway & Care: there are many occasions in life that can prove stressful for a cat. Remove some of that stress with the wide range of premium Feliway products, designed to calm and soothe!
Cat Flaps & Nets: if you are a busy bee and will not always be home to let your cat in and out, then a cat flap will be a must for your household. We offer a range of innovative designs, including timer controlled and microchip activated cat flaps.

We also have many more essential dog products, including Cat Collars & Transport , Cat Bowls & Cat Fountains: and a great range of Kitten Products for the newest addition to your home!

What else?

Make sure to look at our new products, for a range of amazing cat products!