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Looking for a particular veterinary food for your dog? We've got the most popular brands available from most veterinary clinics right here at zooplus!


Veterinary Food and Specialist Food for Dogs

A selection of dietetic food designed to meet the specific needs of dogs burdened with health issues

  • Diabetes: If your pet has recently been diagnosed as diabetic, you will no doubt be worrying about how to adapt its diet accordingly. Diabetic pets need to eat just low levels of carbohydrates in order to control the release of energy into their system. Diabetic veterinary food is rich in protein and perfect for use alongside insulin therapy. Discover our selection of diabetic dog food
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  • Hepatic problems: The liver can cause real problems for your dog, including liver disease and insufficiency. By combining veterinary treatment with a specialist hepatic diet, you can help ensure your dog’s liver functions as smoothly as possible and balance out the pH levels in your dog’s gut. Taking on lots of protein, vitamins and minerals is vital for dogs with hepatic problems, which is why these foods are all high protein and low sodium.
  • Digestive issues: Food allergies and intolerances are rife among pets nowadays and can cause considerable pain and discomfort to your pet. Certain foods are known to exacerbate such issues, which is why this range of veterinary food for allergies and intolerances avoids such ingredients. The majority of the products zooplus offers for sensitivities are in fact hypoallergenic, meaning that they are much kinder to the digestive system and can once again make mealtimes enjoyable for your canine companion.
  • Decreased mobility: This is a common problem, particularly amongst older dogs. As the body ages, joints and bones can start to get weary - after all, chances are they have had a lifetime of rushing your dog around at a hundred miles an hour! In order to maintain your dog’s mobility and keep it active, as well as to reduce the pain caused by ageing joints, a specific joints and bones diet can be particularly effective, providing nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine that are known to help keep cartilage supportive and strong.

Browse the zooplus shelves for the veterinary diet that suits you and your dog. Somewhere in our extensive range of Veterinary Food and Specialist Food, there is bound to be a food for you, whether you choose based on brand, personal recommendations or price. Choose how you shop - you can either select the veterinary diet based on its brand or choose a food based on the illness you are looking to treat. The choice is yours and it couldn’t be simpler - or better value! Discover your unwell dog's ideal diet today at zooplus.

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