Hay & Straw

Straw & Bedding

Hay and straw belong to the essentials of every household with small pets. At zooplus you will find a range of hay, straw and litter suitable for small pets for nibbling and creating a nest to sleep in.

Straw & Bedding

Keep your small pet comfortable and hygienic!

Every small pet needs the ideal bedding environment to sleep and snooze, with various different aspects contributing to a healthy sleep environment. Small pet bedding is available in a range of options, including straw and hay, which can also double up as feed.
Here at zooplus we offer a great range of different small pet bedding options, made from a variety of different materials that can all be beneficial - the only decision to make is which your pet prefers! There are also litter options, which help ensure your small pet’s bedding area remains hygienic and clean, as well as helping preserve your small pet’s hutch or cage for longer.

Browse the full range of Straw & Bedding available here at zooplus

Ensure your small pet has the perfect sleeping environment with the straw and bedding available here at zooplus.
Choose from a great range of options to meet every individual need.

  • Bedding materials: straw, hemp and corn all act as ideal options for bedding for your small pet, offering comfortable and hygienic solutions. Here at zooplus we also offer a selection of alternative bedding options, including shavings, linen, shredded paper and cellulose, all of which act as great small pet bedding solutions and ensure both comfort and innovative ways to kit out your small pet’s bedding area. Whether you choose granules, chipping or traditional straw, they are all premium quality ways to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Litter: sawdust and litter can also be ideal options, helping to absorb moisture and control odours whilst keeping your small pet’s bedding area clean and hygienic, as well as easier to clean. They are economical options and there are also sensitive options that are gentle on paws.
  • Hay: hay is a mixture of grasses and legumes, freshly cut and an ideal feeding option for small pets. Hay can also double up as a great option bedding, making it versatile and nutritious!

Complete your small pet’s bedding area with a great value straw or bedding option here at zooplus.
Browse the complete range of small pet bedding.

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