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Royal Canin's value defines their innovation: Dog and cat comes first. For over 40 years, Royal Canin has worked with breeder partners and veterinary nutritionists to go ever further into innovation and precision to formulate nutritional solutions which perfectly meet dogs and cats' real needs. Royal Canin guarantees essential, carefully chosen nutrients, including qualities such as excellent digestibility and palatability, combined with ease of use and succulent texture.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a renowned manufacturer of balanced, well-rounded, nutritious meals for both dogs and cats, designed in a way that meets the specific needs of their species. The Royal Canin pet food range contains both wet and dry food, and every product is made with exclusively the finest quality ingredients. Rigorous taste-testing is carried out on each dish to make sure it is not only easy for your pet to digest but also offers a delicious feast at every mealtime.

Royal Canin have also employed the assistance of breeders, veterinarians and nutrition experts in order to develop recipes that are perfect for meeting your dog or cat’s requirements. As well as being complete, balanced dishes that your dog or cat can benefit from, your wallet can also benefit from Royal Canin special offers at zooplus!

Optimum nutrition for canines and felines
Royal Canin offers something for everyone, whether you have a dog or a cat and whether it prefers moist food or crunchy kibble. Have a look at the range we have on offer and find your pet’s new favourite food, perhaps even benefitting from the Royal Canin special offers available:

  • Royal Canin Breed
  • Treat your pedigree dog or cat to one of the kibbles available in this fantastic range. Royal Canin has designed each product with a specific breed in mind, tailoring its ingredients to meet certain needs and provide optimum nutrition. Every detail has been altered to perfection, right down to the shape and size of each piece of kibble, developed to fit the jaw size of each breed. You will find a staggering array of choice within this breed-appropriate range, with over 20 dog breeds and 10 cat breeds catered for. If you browse through our range of Royal Canin Breed dog food and cat food, you are bound to find the food to fit, no matter whether you have a Cocker Spaniel, a Maine Coon, a Labrador or a Siamese!

  • Royal Canin Size
  • Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and their nutritional needs change accordingly. Naturally, if you have a dog weighing over 45kg its requirements will be drastically different from those of a dog weighing under 4kg. Royal Canin caters for each of these sizes, as well as all of those in between! Have a browse through the Royal Canin dry dog food range to find the perfect product for your pooch’s needs:

    • Giant: for dogs weighing over 45kg
    • Maxi: for dogs weighing 26-44kg
    • Medium: for dogs weighing 11-25kg
    • Mini: for dogs weighing under 10kg
    • X-Small: for dogs weighing under 4kg

    Royal Canin can also provide you with wet dog food, designed for small dogs with a maximum weight of 10kg. This Royal Canin wet dog food can also be the ideal dish for lactating bitches or nursing young puppies.

  • Royal Canin Health Nutrition
  • It is not only dogs that Royal Canin caters for, but for our feline friends as well. The Royal Canin dry cat food selection also has something for everyone, with dishes designed to meet the specific needs of cats at every stage of their lives. This Royal Canin kibble is of the finest quality and offers varieties for cats with certain requirements, including sterilised or sedentary cats. Each of these premium products can work with the range of Royal Canin wet cat food to provide your pet with a complete, balanced and irresistible diet! The Royal Canin wet cat food comes in practical pouches, which are easy and clean to open and make portioning your cat’s food simple and hygienic. Now your cat’s needs can be catered for no matter its age, breed or lifestyle.

  • Royal Canin Sensitive
  • Even sensitive pets deserve a flavoursome meal and, as their nutritional needs are often greater or more specialised than other pets, choosing the right food for them is of particular importance. Selecting products from the Royal Canin Sensitivity Cat Food or Royal Canin Sensitivity Dog Food ranges can be the perfect way to do this, offering both moist and dry foods that your pet will enjoy. These Royal Canin foods take into account the effects of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities and work to minimise these unpleasant side effects, including easing discomfort and reducing flatulence problems. Issues such as sensitive skin can also be improved with the help of a Royal Canin Sensitivity food. Royal Canin Care Nutrition is another option for helping your cat lead a problem-free life, with specific kibbles designed to reduce the build up of hairballs, support dental hygiene and keep the urinary tract in good health.

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
  • Some pets require a little bit of extra help. Royal Canin has an entire range dedicated to cats and dogs with certain medical issues that can be eased with the correct food. These problems include stress, renal issues and weight management, all of which can be diagnosed by your veterinarian in order to start seeking help. Royal Canin offers dietetic dry and wet cat food as well as dry dog food, all of which have been designed with care to offer your pet the most comfortable relief possible. These foods have a range of purposes, including preventing oxalate stones from forming, keeping kidneys from being overloaded and helping your pet cope with a type 2 diabetic lifestyle.

Have a look at what zooplus has to offer and find the perfect food for your pet whilst also saving a penny or two with Royal Canin special offers!

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