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Budgie Food

It's important for budgies to eat a rich and varied diet in order to prevent any deficiencies from arising. Aside from fruit and vegetables, a seed mixture is an important staple in their diet. You're sure to find the perfect choice for your pet in our wide variety of budgerigar / parakeet foods.
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    Budgie Food:

    Versele-Laga Prestige Budgies is a complete food for budgies and other small parakeets.

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    2 Varieties from €9.30
    Was €11.29 Now €9.30 €2.33 / kg
    20 kg
    Was €31.99 Now €25.96 €1.30 / kg

    JR Birds Premium is now JR Farm Individual: Premium complete food from JR Farm for budgies. High quality seeds, oyster shells, berries, flowers and grass seeds. For comprehensive general health.

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    2 Varieties from €4.89
    Was €5.99 Now €4.89 €4.89 / kg
    Saver Pack: 2 x 1kg
    individually priced €9.78 Now €9.30 €4.65 / kg

    Concentrated feed specially developed for seed-eating budgies/small parakeets, canaries, and exotics. To meet the high energy requirements of these birds.

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    1 Varieties from €3.13
    Was €3.79 Now €3.13 €1.25 / 100g

    High-quality complete bird food specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of budgies

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    2 Varieties from €9.79
    Was €11.99 Now €9.79 €3.92 / kg
    Economy Pack: 2 x 2.5kg
    individually priced €19.58 Now €18.41 €7.36 / kg

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