Dog Crates & Dog Travel

Dog Crates & Dog Travel

Find dog crates and dog travel products which will make any journey with your pup a breeze. Find dog cages and dog crates that will insure your dog stays in place during transport. A dog carrier is always helpful during car journeys, as are dog car harnesses and dog car mats which will make driving with your pet as co-pilot hassle free.

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  • Keep your dog safe when travelling

    Are you and your dog always on the go? Then you need to find the perfect dog transport crate for your car. The law now states that your dog must be secured in the car, whether that be in a crate or using a harness and strap to be fastened into a seat. This is to help prevent your dog being thrown around the car in case of an accident, which could potentially cause injury to either you, another person in the car or to your pet.

    There are many advantages to having a dog travel crate in your car, including that you can surround your dog with its favourite toys, as well as provide blankets and water. This also helps to provide your dog with a place it feels safe, even if you are travelling to an unfamiliar destination or situation. However, a dog travel box is not always a practical option, so here at zooplus you will also find a range of straps and harnesses to fasten your dog into your car seats securely. We also cater for cyclists, with dog travel baskets, special straps and handy attachments to improve safety no matter how you and your dog choose to travel.

  • How do I find the right size dog travel crate?

    Measure your dog's height from its paws to the top of its head and measure its length from its head to the tip of its tail. Ideally, any dog transport box you choose should be 15cm taller and longer than your dog, to make sure it has enough space to comfortably move around and stretch out. If your dog is still a puppy, remember to think about its expected adult size and buy a crate a few sizes bigger than it currently needs. You can then separate off a section of the crate until it needs the full space! Take a look at the selection of dog transport crates available here at zooplus.

  • What dog crates does zooplus offer and who are they suitable for?

    Folding nylon transport crates

    A collapsible transport crate or a soft transport crate is particularly flexible, light and space-saving. A folding dog crate is quick and easy to set up in any space, easy to store when not in use but still offering your dog its own 'safe space'. These are ideal for shorter journeys and tend to be very comfortable thanks to the soft material. They should be regularly washed to remove smells and pet hair.

    Metal dog transport box

    If you are looking for a more solid option, we offer transport cages or metal dog crates. These guarantee stability during travel and are perfect for travelling in the car. There are also light-weight options that are easy to assemble and can be handy if travelling by train or aeroplane, as long as they fit the regulations set by the travel company. These metal transport crates are also water-tight and available in different sizes. A dog transport cage can be an easy-care alternative for transporting your dog, offering a great view and easy to pick up and move. They are stable, robust and durable, as well as allowing fresh air to move easily around in the warmer months. They can also be used outside when the weather allows. A metal transport box does not need to be cleaned as frequently as a fabric one, yet may offer more durability than a plastic dog crate.

    Plastic dog travel box

    Your dog should feel as safe and protected on journeys as it does at home. A practical option to ensure this is a plastic dog transport crate. They are easy to clean and the material is long-lasting and robust. An important point to bear in mind is that plastic is a great lightweight option for transporting around, meaning you can easily move one of these plastic dog boxes into the car or onto a train. Many of these boxes also fit the regulations set out by IATA (International Air Transport Association), meaning you can use it on a flight. Despite being lightweight, plastic also makes for a stable travel crate and offers safety throughout a journey.

  • Accessories for an improved car experience

    Dog transport boxes are a simple and effective way to keep your dog safe on journeys. However, another secure option is to use a dog car safety belt or car harness, essential if you are hoping for your dog to travel on the back seat. Not only will it keep your dog safe, but it also means you are following the law and avoiding fines or potential injury. No matter how many dogs you own or how big they are, they need to be secured into your car in some way!

    A dog car guard can also be a helpful accessory, helping to keep your dog securely in the back and prevent it distracting you whilst you are driving. These dog car guards fit most cars and create a barrier between the seating area and the boot, helping to keep you all safe when out and about.

    As your dog gets older or if your dog has joint issues, it may also need a little extra help climbing up into the car, so here at zooplus we offer a selection of dog car ramps to ensure everyone can still get out and about!

  • How do I keep my car clean when travelling with a dog?

    Here at zooplus you can also find a great range of protective blankets and dog seat covers, which help to keep dirt and dog hair from ending up on your car upholstery and making it easier to keep clean. A dog seat cover can be an indispensable accessory if you are driving to a muddy walking route!

  • Do you have accessories for travelling by bike with my dog?

    Hoping to leave the car at home and head out on your bike? No matter whether you are looking to transport your dog in a bike basket, fasten it to your handle bars or carry it on your back, here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog biking accessories, so that your four-legged friend can take part in every activity! Specialist leads allow you to keep both hands on your handlebars ad your eyes on the track whilst keeping your dog secured, whilst baskets are a handy way to transport a small dog around town. There are also dog trailers, which are a great option if your dog is too large for a basket but gets spooked by the idea of running alongside a bike. These are also ideal if your dog is older or unwell, or for those key first months when your puppy needs to protect its joints. Here you can also find reflectors and safety tags to ensure you and your dog are visible even at night.

  • Why should I buy a dog crate or accessories from zooplus?

    Here at zooplus you will find an extensive range of options for dog travel, dog transport and moving around with your dog. There is a great selection to choose from, ensuring everyone's needs are catered for at affordable prices. We also have every dog travel accessory needed to make the experience stress-free and enjoyable for everyone. Simply choose the option that is right for you - and your dog! - and we will deliver it straight to you!

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