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Animals love little treats and snacks. They can provide variety, activity or serve as a targeted supplement to daily food. It's important to keep these supplements in mind when building a well-balanced diet for your pet. Here you'll find a tasty and healthy selection of snacks and supplements for all your pets needs.

Forage, Snacks & Supplements

Complete your pet’s diet with a range of snacks and supplements!

All pets love the occasional treat, bringing variety and enjoyment to a daily diet and helping to ensure balance. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of small pet snacks and supplements, helping to complete every pet’s diet.
The range of snacks and supplements include natural options such as nibble wood and blossoms, as well as other treats and snacks not available to your pet in the wild! There are snack mixes that can offer variety and vitamins and minerals to ensure your small pet diet is complete and balanced. There are also salt licks and other nutritional supplements to keep your small pet in premium health.

Browse the full range of Forage, Snacks & Supplements available here at zooplus

Complete your small pet’s diet with a range of treats and dietary supplements.
Choose from a great range of options to meet every nutritional need and flavour preference.

  • Natural Supplements & Snacks: nibble wood, herbs, blossoms and grasses are just some of the small pet snacks available here at zooplus, offering a fun addition to your pet’s diet. Various fruit and vegetable snacks can make a tasty addition offering natural goodness, with grain-free options that even sensitive small pets can enjoy a tasty treat. There are also fun, exciting options such as dens made entirely from hay and snacks!
  • Snacks & Treats: there is something so satisfying about the crunch of a treat, such as those available here at zooplus. These are also a great supplement, helping support overall health and many offering valuable fibre. Snack mixes for small pets can also be a handy option, as they offer variety in both flavour and nutritional value. Drops are also a great addition, offering a tasty snack for between meals.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: offering a complete, balanced diet for your small pet is essential in keeping it healthy, so it may be necessary to provide additional nutrients. Here at zooplus we offer everything from multi-vitamin creams to seaweed meal and hemp oil, all offering their own individual health benefits. There are also skin and coat supplements and various additions to provide balance both inside and out. Salt licks are also a great addition, providing essential minerals and trace elements.

Complete your small pet’s diet with the perfect supplement choice.
Browse the complete range here to ensure your small pet is balanced and nourished!

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