Drops & Small Treats

Here you'll find all kinds of delicious drops for small pets. Drops are perfect for snacks in between meals and can be used as complementary food.
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3 products

JR Farm Drops are a tasty and healthy supplement for your pet's daily ration of vitamins; suitable for all small pets, except degus

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75 g
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Saver Pack: 3 x 75 g
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Delicious meaty snacks by Dokas, low in fat and tasty, with 93% pure meat, no added sugar, variety for your pet, strip snacks, also suitable for cats and ferrets 

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Dried Rabbit Meat (70g)
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Duck Strips (250g)
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Saver Pack: 2 x 250g Duck Strips
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Chicken Breast Strips (250g)
€4.99€19.96 / kg

The ideal combination for supporting your cat, with a Multi-Vitamin Paste containing an immune-boosting complex and a Malt Soft Extra Paste with anti-hairball complex, for natural health support.

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2 x 50 g
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