Dog Shop: Dog Supplies & Dog Accessories

zooplus offers a wide range of dog food and treats and dog accessories. Here you'll find all brands of dog food, dog kennels, dog beds, dog leads, dog training equipment, and much more.

Find everything you need for your dog at zooplus!

At zooplus we pride ourselves on our selection of dog food and accessories - we stock a wide variety of essential dog supplies, with everything from wet food and dry food to cosy dog beds and baskets, dog collars and leads, dog toys and other great dog accessories, all at amazing prices! Buying dog food online can save you both time and money, as well as meaning you don't have to lug your new purchases all the way home from the shops! You can also benefit from seeing a massive range of popular dog food brands all in one place, so you can be sure to find the perfect diet for your dog, whatever their specific needs and preferences.

What can I find in the zooplus Dog Shop?

A broad selection of dog food

When it comes to dog food, we have it all! Our pick of the tastiest dry dog food around features over 40 different brands, ranging from premium-quality natural kibble, like Taste of the Wild or Burns, to economical dog food brands and firm favourites. These include brands with a range of tailored options, such as Royal Canin Dog Food that offers Royal Canin Breed Dog Food, Royal Canin Care Nutrition Dog Food, Royal Canin Size Dog Food and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food, or Hill's Dog Food offering Hill's Science Plan Dog Food and Hill's Prescription Diet Dog Food. We also offer lots of great-tasting wet dog food, available in handy pouches or cans of various sizes. Wet dog food can make a great supplement to your dog's diet, boasting a delicious meaty taste and providing lots of variety at mealtimes. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep things simple by feeding your dog a complete wet food or complete dry food, containing all the nutrients your dog needs to stay happy and healthy.

Specialist dog diets, exclusive ranges and tailored diets

Amongst the wide selection of dog food brands available at zooplus, we are proud to offer plenty of healthy dog food options, including specialist grain-free dog food, organic dog food and sensitive skin dog food. We also stock a great choice of natural dog food made from the finest quality all-natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives. We also offer a broad selection of Exclusive Dog Food & Treats, with delicious, top quality food that you won't find anywhere else!

Dog accessories and essentials

When shopping for dog food online, why not treat your dog to some brand new accessories at the same time? Whether you're looking for dog kennels, dog travel crates or just a fancy new dog feeding bowl, we're confident that you'll find all the dog supplies and dog accessories you could possibly need in the zooplus Dog Shop.

Explore the full range of dog food and accessories available at zooplus, or check out our top pet food brands here.