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Dog Bowls & Feeders

Zooplus offers a great range of dog bowls in different styles and sizes. Stainless steel dog bowls are easy to clean and plastic dog bowls are great for travel and outdoor use. If you spend a lot of time away from home see our selection of food dispensers & dog drinking fountains, some of which can be put on timers to provide dinner for your dog while you are away.

Mealtime accessories for easy clean-up & more

Dog Bowls

Every dog - and dog owner! - knows that dinner time is the most important time of any day!

Such an important occasion surely deserves the best in doggy crockery? Take a look at our fabulous range of dog bowls, ranging from stylish, elegant ceramics to bright coloured plastics and available with a range of accessories, such as bowl stands that can have their height altered to fit your dog’s size. You’re bound to find something that both you and your dog will love in our vast range here at zooplus!

Our favourite designs:

  • Plastic Dog Bowls: If your dog eats outside or is regularly on the move, then a plastic dog bowl can be the perfect choice. Many are scratch-resistant and will not break if dropped or thrown around, making them ideal for throwing in the back of the car for feeding on a low journey. A plastic dog bowl also comes with the added bonus of being exceptionally easy to clean, with most modern options being dishwasher-proof. Choose from a range of bright, fun colours and exciting designs to find your dog’s new favourite.

  • Travel Dog Bowls: While a plastic dog bowl can be good if you take the occasional journey, regular travellers may want something more tailored to the occasion. Take a look at the selection of travel dog bowls available at zooplus, many of which fold down to be easily stored and are specifically designed to help keep messy spills contained - perfect!

  • Ceramic Dog Bowls: If you are a true traditionalist, then no doubt you will be looking at an elegant, sturdy ceramic dog bowl, designed to endure and offer style as well as practicality. A ceramic bowl can also be a great idea if your dog gets a little overexcited when mealtimes come - these heavy bowls are going nowhere!

  • Metal Dog Bowls: For hygiene and durability, look no further than a standard stainless steel bowl, a long-time classic. They are light and easy to clean, many being dishwasher-proof, and the majority come with non-slip rubber bases to help ensure your dog’s dinner stays exactly where it is while it’s being wolfed down.

  • Dog Bowl Stands: Give your dog’s digestive system a helping hand with one of these fabulous dog bowl stands! By raising food up to a more natural level to feed at, the food can entire more easily into your dog’s system and helping make the entire process considerably smoother. It is also ideal for older dogs with ageing joints, who may struggle to get down far enough to eat from a bowl placed purely on the floor. Many can also be adjusted to fit your dog’s height, so you can change it as required and even increase the height as your dog gets older.

Take a look at the other feeding accessories we have in store for you at zooplus:

  • Dog Bowls and Feeders: look at everything we have to offer before making an informed decision on the best bowl for your dog - or simply pick the prettiest!
  • Dog Placemats: dogs can be messy eaters in all the excitement of dinnertime being here again. Help to protect your floor from messy spills and excited drool by choosing from our selection of wipe-clean food mats.
  • Food Storage and Containers: food is best when it’s fresh, so pick something from our storage range to keep that crunch contained and flavours strong

For the cat lovers, here’s your selection! We offer plenty of cat bowls and drinking fountains to help make feeding a more exciting prospect for your cat - take a look at what we have to offer and spoil your feline friend rotten!

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