Dog Water Fountains

Dog water fountains provide free-flowing water, giving the water a fresh taste, which encourages your dog to drink more. In this way, drinking fountains help ensure that your pet receives the fluids he or she needs.


4 products
4 products

Replacement filters for the Cat Mate Pet Fountain, available in a pack of 2 or 6.

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2 Pack For Soft Water

€5.50 / unit

6 Pack For Soft Water

Was €21.99


€3.25 / unit

An unusual drinking fountain for cats and dogs. The waterfall encourages your pet to drink more. With filter and integrated 3.8 l water reservoir.

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3.8 litre Fountain

Practical water dispenser for dogs or cats. Made of easy-to-clean plastic, with anti-slip rubber band, transparent container for checking the water level.

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1.5 litre

Was €6.99


Food or water dispenser with plastic bowl, ideal for cats, dogs and small pets. This transparent container allows for better content control and has non-slip feet. It is also dishwasher proof.

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0.6 litre

Sold out.

Was €4.99

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Dog Water Fountains

Plenty of fresh water for your dog

To ensure your dog is happy and healthy, drinking plenty of fresh drinking water is vital. Staying hydrated helps your dog's digestion and general health. Dogs can be picky about their water, as water sat in a dog bowl can easily be contaminated with dirt or pathogens. A dog water fountain provides your dog with fresh, flowing water, so your dog will stay hydrated every day.
Dog water fountains help ensure your dog takes in plenty of fluids. The constant flow of fresh drinking water can make your dog find its drinking water more pleasing. With a dog water fountain, you can be sure that the water is always fresh, pure, filtered and free from any contaminants.

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Find your perfect dog water fountain to encourage a healthy fluid intake.
Ensure your dog can always find fresh, flowing water to keep it healthy.

  • Fresh: water left to stand in dog bowls can accumulate dirt, pathogens or other contaminants. Dog water fountains have filters that the water flows through, ensuring the water your dog drinks is always fresh and clean. The filters can always be replaced and replacement filters for the dog water fountains can be found here at zooplus!
  • Inviting: Dogs instinctively find flowing water more appealing to drink, as still water is more likely to have dirt or pathogens. Having a dog water fountain can naturally encourage your dog to increase its fluid intake.
  • Innovative: in a variety of designs with different features, you can find the perfect one to suit you and your dog. Dog water fountains can offer oxygenated water and others are extra practical and even double as food dispensers.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog water fountains to meet every need.

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