Dog Bowl Stands

Dog bowl stands making eating more comfortable for your dog by raising the food and/or water bowls to a level that is more natural.

6 products
6 products

Stylish set of two ceramic bowls with a powder-coated metal stand, suitable for both wet and dry food or water, with anti-slip feet for security, as well as being dishwasher-proof for hygiene.

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2 x 0.6 l

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2 x 1.6 l

Was €21.99


Fully adjustable stand with stainless steel bowls. Choose the right feeding height to ensure your pets enjoy feeding times. Suitable for large breeds, older dogs and for dogs which are still growing.

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3 Varieties from
2 x 1.8 l

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2 x 2.8 l

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2 x 4.2 l

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A hygienic bowl for your dog's food or water, made from easy to clean stainless steel. Also suitable for use with dog bowl stands.

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1.8 l, diameter: 21cm

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2.8 l, diameter: 25cm

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4.2 l, diameter: 28cm

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Very stable dog bar with 2 stainless steel bowls included. The bar is suitable for all dog breeds and the adjustable height makes mealtimes much easier for your pets.

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2 x 1.8 litre

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Food storage and feeding station in one, featuring 2 stainless steel bowls, innovative ecoFlex® made from 60% recycled plasticweather resistant making it ideal for outdoors, easy assembly, spacious

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2 x 1.2l, 54 x 30 x 39.5cm (L x W x H)

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€102.99 / unit

Elegant feeding place for dogs & cats, 2 removable 1.2 l stainless steel bowls, dishwasher safe, sturdy pine bar, from sustainable forestry, stable, ideal for multi-pet households

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1 Varieties from
2 x 1.2 l, L 49.5 x W x H 23 x H 9.6 cm

Was €34.99


Dog Feeding Stands

Elevate your dog’s bowl for a heightened dining experience!

Adding a dog feeding stand to your dog’s dining area can make the entire experience more comfortable and more natural for your dog. Raising your dog’s food and/or water bowls can make for a much more comfortable angle for your dog’s neck, as well as making it easier for senior dogs to reach their food. Dog feeding stands are also perfect for larger breed dogs that may find it uncomfortable to reach all the way to the floor to feed.

Your dog could also benefit greatly from a dog feeding stand for its bowl if it has particularly long ears, which can often fall into a food or water bowl once your dog’s head is tilted! There are also health benefits to offering your dog a raised bowl, as it can prevent your dog from gobbling down its food at a rapid rate and getting hiccups or failing to digest its food properly. Dog feeding stands can also be ideal for puppies, as they can be altered in height as your puppy grows, providing a constant optimum feeding height.

Take a look at the variety of Dog Bowl Stands and choose the perfect dog feeding stand to meet your dog’s specific needs:

  • Elevated dog bowls: bowls with a larger base can be perfect for large breed dogs, as they are extremely stable even against the excitement of a feeding dog! Elevated dog dishes such as the Hagen Dogit Elevated Dog Bowl are stylish and ergonomic, fitting in perfectly to an elegant household and providing sturdy, comfortable eating.
  • Fixed stands: these raise your dog’s bowls to a certain height off the floor and are fitted with anti-slip feet to ensure sturdiness and stability. The Trixie Eat on Feet Bowl Set with Stand is a classic example, in a stylish combination of dishes resting in a stand made from high-quality craftsmanship and bound to make an attractive addition to any home, as well as adding comfort to your dog’s feeding experience.
  • Adjustable feeding stands: dog feeding stands that can be adjusted in height are in many ways the most practical option, particularly if you have a young puppy that is just going to keep growing and growing and growing! Although adjustable, once these dog feeding stands are set in place they are also extremely sturdy and help to ensure your dog can enjoy its feeding times and gain full nutritional benefits from its meals.
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