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Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays

Cat Toilets

A cat litter box or cat litter tray belongs to the basic furnishings of many cat households. Here you'll find a great selection of litter boxes, cat toilets and litter trays, plus other accessories such as deodorants, litter mats, and more.

Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Trays

Let's talk about doing the business. The bathroom business.

Cat litter is a basic need of any indoor cat owner's home, but that doesn't mean that your cat litter box needs to be basic!
There are a range of options here at zooplus, from standard litter trays and covered cat litter boxes to designer cat litter boxes, top entry litter boxes and space-saving corner cat litter boxes. If you aren't sure of the best style to choose for your cat, we are here to help! We have something for everyone, no matter whether you are looking for a handy corner cat litter box, a large cat litter box or a kitten litter box to start your pet off.

Here at zooplus we offer a range of cat litter boxes, trays and filters:

You can choose your cat litter box based on size, style or other features, such as whether it has a filter or a cat litter scoop. You could also choose a kitten litter box if you have younger felines.
We also offer a selection of clever cat litter boxes, such as self cleaning cat litter boxes and top entry litter boxes, or even open top litter boxes. A designer cat litter box can be a great way to add style to your cat's toilet area!

  • Cat Litter Trays: Trays are an easy and affordable option for dealing with your cat's toilet needs. It is easy to spot when trays need cleaning, ensuring your cat always has a hygienic environment. Many of our cat litter trays have edges and rims to minimise spillage from overly-enthusiastic cats, offering tidiness and hygiene without the need for an enclosed cat litter tray. We offer various sizes from small litter trays to extra large litter trays. An open top litter box can also be a handy option, as you can see inside without having to worry about unwanted mess spilling out.
  • Cat Litter Boxes: Also known as covered litter trays, hooded cat litter trays or covered cat litter boxes, these give your cat plenty of privacy. A covered cat litter box can also ensure unpleasant odours remain inside your cat's toilet area, particularly if you choose a cat litter box with a door. A covered litter tray also keeps litter hidden, which can be more aesthetically-pleasing in your home. If your cat prefers to enter its litter tray from above, it does not mean that a covered cat litter box is out of the question, as you could choose a top entry litter box or an open top litter box. A top entry litter box also makes it less likely that litter will stay on your cat's paws and get walked around!
  • Large Cat Litter Trays & Boxes: If you have a larger cat such as a Maine Coon or Siberian, you'll want to make sure it has plenty of space. Here at zooplus we stock a range of bigger cat litter tray options, so a large cat litter box can offer the perfect solution! A large cat litter box can also be great for multicat households, as it not only provides more space but also means there is more clean litter for your cats to use. On the other end of the scale, here at zooplus you will also find kitten litter box options!
  • Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes: Most cat owners know that cleaning out the litter box is the worst part of owning a cat! A self cleaning cat litter box could be the answer to all of your problems! A self cleaning cat litter box means that no more scooping or cleaning is necessary, making it easier to ensure your cat's toilet area is hygienic and removing the need for a cat litter scoop. A self cleaning cat litter box can also be a great time-saver!
  • Corner Cat Litter Trays & Boxes: A corner cat litter box is ideal for making the most of your space. It is particularly handy if you have a smaller home, as a corner cat litter box will tuck neatly out of the way. A corner cat litter box can also be a great choice if you have a cat that prefers privacy but is unable to manage getting in and out of a top entry litter box. If style is your main factor when choosing a cat litter box, we also offer various designer cat litter box options that will enhance your home.

Finding a cat litter tray or covered litter tray your cat feels comfortable in is essential to maintaining an accident-free home.
We offer litter boxes both with filters and without filters, ensuring there is something to suit every preference. We also offer cat litter box accessories such as cat litter scoops and replacement filters, as well as mats to keep your floor clean.

Take a look at our extensive range of Cat Litter to ensure your cat's snazzy new litter tray can function at its full potential!