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With more than 150 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists worldwide Hill’s is constantly innovating to ensure the highest quality ingredients and optimal balance of nutrients to meet your pet’s specific age, breed and medical needs. Our long-term investment in learning, technology and scientific research has helped us develop industry-leading formulas and the most extensive range of clinical nutrition products for sick, at-risk and healthy pets. Perhaps this helps explains why vets trust Hill’s precision nutrition over any other brand of pet food to feed their own pets.

Hill’s: premium quality pet food designed with the knowledge of more than 150 veterinarians, nutritions and food scientists

Hill’s pet food has been designed using the latest nutritional science to ensure premium quality dishes optimised to meet your pet’s needs regardless of age, breed and medical needs. Long term investment in learning, technology and scientific research ensures that Hill’s offers premium formulas and ideal nutrition for all dogs and cats, both sick and healthy.

Hill’s Science Plan, Nature’s Best and Prescription Diets
Hill’s provides a range of different foods, all of which cater to specific nutritional needs using premium ingredients and recipes. This includes dishes for both healthy and unwell pets, as well as specific ranges tailored to puppies and kittens as well as senior cats and dogs. The Hill’s Prescription Diet range is more specifically tailored to dog’s and cat’s with medical issues and is designed to support veterinary treatment.

Choose from kibble, wet food cans and wet food pouches to find the perfect dish or combination of dishes for your pet. You are bound to find something to meet your pet’s nutritional and personal needs from the Hill’s pet food range.

All Hill’s products are specially tailored to meet your pet’s individual nutritional needs:

  • Made using exclusively the finest quality ingredients
  • Rich in meat, fish or poultry to ensure great supplies of protein
  • Designed specifically to care for overall health

Discover the wide range of Hill’s Dog Food and Hill’s Cat Food available at zooplus:

Hill’s Dog Food

  • Hill’s Science Plan Dry Dog Food: This range of Hill’s scientific dog food covers a broad selection of bases, including specialised dogs for seniors and puppies, low fat dishes for weight management and specific breed dishes. The specially formulated kibble offers something for everyone in a range of different scrumptious flavours.
  • Hill’s Science Plan Wet Dog Food: Your dog’s needs will change with age, so Hill’s scientific dog food offers something for every life phase, all of which avoid dietary excesses and help support lean muscles with vital protein. These are also available in a range of flavours, ages, sizes and saver packs.
  • Hill’s Healthy and Hill’s Sensitive Special Care Dog Food: Tailored nutrition for those with sensitive skin, mobility issues or sensitive stomachs. Choose a Hill’s scientific dog food that will help to support a good quality of life and select a breed specific dish to ensure needs are perfectly met.
  • Hill’s Advanced Fitness Dog Food: Kibble dishes ideal for keeping coat and skin healthy, digestion regular and energy levels up. Once again you can match the dish perfectly to your dog’s needs, with flavours for everyone and breed specific dishes.
  • Hill’s Ideal Balance Dog Food: More than 50 different nutrients combine in perfect proportions in this Hill’s scientific dog food, earning the name Ideal Balance and ensuring optimum health, fitness and vitality.

Hill’s Cat Food

  • Hill’s Science Plan Dry Cat Food: Every life phase, special need, age and breed is covered with Hill’s kibble, as well as offering specialised options for those carrying extra weight or needing a gentler diet for a sensitive stomach. Even picky cats are catered for with this wide range of nutritious kibbles!
  • Hill’s Science Plan Wet Cat Food: Support your cat from kitten hood to golden years with this range of Hill’s wet cat foods. There are also specialised dishes for optimal care, urinary tract health, hairball control and for sterilised cats.
  • Hill’s Special Care Cat Food: This range is perfect for supporting cats with certain health conditions, including skin sensitivity, digestive problems and oral health issues. Each dish is complete and balanced, designed to work as a standalone diet for optimal health.
  • Hill’s Ideal Balance Cat Food: The balanced nutritional profile in these Hill’s cat food dishes are achieved using a selection of over 50 key nutrients, as well as optimised levels of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Keep your cat healthy both inside and out!

Hill’s Prescription Diets

  • Hill’s Dog Prescription Diet: Gastritis, pancreatitis and inflammation can all be helped with these Hill’s scientific dog food dishes, including ranges for obesity, digestion, urinary issues, kidneys, mobility, allergies, oral health and recovery from illness or operations. Choose a wet or dry dish that helps to support treatment of your dog’s health issues and ensure a happier life for both you and your dog.
  • Hill’s Cat Prescription Diet: These clinically proven nutritional solutions are designed to suit your cat’s own nutritional requirements, with a range of therapeutic dishes to combat skin problems, kidney disease, mobility issues, gastrointestinal discomfort, urinary tract disease and obesity. It is available in both kibble and wet food varieties and can help provide your cat with a better quality of life.

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