Dog Grooming & Care

Dog Grooming & Care

Make dog grooming easier for you and your dog with these helpful dog grooming supplies! Dog brushes and dog clippers can help keep your dog's coat healthy, while claw clippers and other grooming products for paws, ears, eyes, and teeth will also keep your dog looking his best.

  • A great range of dog care products

    The main thing that comes to mind when most dog owners hear "grooming" is taking care of your dog's coat. However, taking care of your dog's paws, eyes and ears, as well as their teeth, is of vital importance for supporting overall health and well-being. Find out more about what to look for when caring for your dog, and see the range of products we have available to support your dog's individual needs.

  • What are dog care products?

    How much care a dog requires depends primarily upon its breed. Dogs with longer fur require more intensive coat care than dogs with shorter fur. Your dog's lifestyle and character will also play a key role. For example, if your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside, you will need to care for coat and paws more frequently than if your dog spends most of its time indoors. Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that keeping your dog's fur clean is all the grooming that needs to take place, but there are many other aspects of dog care. Claws must be clipped, whilst ears, teeth and eyes must be kept clean and cared for - all of these things require a range of useful dog care products.

  • What products do I need for coat care?

    Brushes - for cleanliness and gloss

    The first port of call for grooming is, naturally, coat care. Your dog's coat needs to be regularly brushed to prevent knots forming and to keep unwanted pests from nesting. Unbrushed, dirty fur can also cause itchy skin and lead to inflammation. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of dog brushes, including options for dogs with a thick undercoat, helping to comb through the long hair and remove any loose undercoat. There are also options for dogs with finer coats, with pleasantly soft bristles and ergonomic shapes.

    Detanglers and dematters - for removing undercoat, knots and matting

    If you find knots in your dog's coat, it is important that you remove them as quickly as possible. A detangling brush is an essential tool for dog owners! It is helpful with undercoat, knots and thick matting. There are also special models that combine to be a brush, detangler and curry comb all in one. No matter which option you choose, the most important thing is that you deal with the knots and matting! This is particularly important if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, as it is key in preventing parasites from moving in.

    Dog clippers - for optimum coat care

    Clipping your dog's coat with a powerful set of clippers can be a great way to remove troublesome matting and dirt. Removing any damaged hair allows the hair structure to rejuvenate, helping it to become smooth and glossy again. It is recommended that you bathe and brush your dog before clipping, as well as removing any severe matting. An important aspect to consider when choosing your dog's clippers is how affected your dog is by noise - here at zooplus we offer a range of different dog clippers to meet everyone's needs!

    Trimmers and scissors - for smaller areas

    If you are looking to trim the fur around your dog's eyes, ears or paws, it is vital that you choose a smaller tool than larger clippers, to help avoid injury. Here at zooplus you will find a great range of tools to ensure your dog can have a professional grooming experience from the comfort of your own home.

    Massage brushes - for the pampered pooch!

    Do you want to turn your dog's grooming session into a full pampering experience? We offer a selection of massage brushes and grooming gloves, which remove loose coat as well as providing a massage! Another bonus of a grooming glove is that it can double-up as a way to remove hairs from sofas, cushions and carpets!

    Coat spray and shampoo - for all-round care

    Coat sprays and shampoos come in many styles and sizes, with options for reducing knots, making it easier to move a brush through your dog's coat, as well as special sprays for added gloss. We also offer a range of dog shampoo to help keep your dog smelling fresh!

  • What about skin and coat supplements?

    Here at zooplus we know that beauty comes from the inside - if your dog is feeling great, its fur will show it! Browse a great selection of skin and coat supplements to support long-lasting health. This includes oils enriched with key nutrients and beneficial fatty acids that can contribute to great-looking and -feeling skin and coat, from a range of brands known for supporting your dog's wellbeing.

  • How do I look after my dog's teeth?

    Classic dental care - a must for a healthy canine smile!

    Regular teeth cleaning is as essential for your dog as for you. Here at zooplus we offer a selection of oral hygiene products to support your dog's mouth health. As well as dog toothbrushes, there are also teeth cleaning pads as well as sprays. These help to keep your dog's breath fresh and mouth hygienic, to help your dog have happy teeth for life!

    Dental care toys - bring a touch of fun

    Dental chew toys are available in various colours, shapes and sizes, allowing for optimum enjoyment and making it easier to keep your dog's teeth healthy. Knobs and ridges help to clean the teeth and massage the gums. These dental toys are very robust and can be used for long stretches of time. They also help to strengthen your dog's jaws!

    Dental snacks - for a great chewing experience

    No doubt about it, the easiest way to take care of your dog's teeth is with dental care snacks. Just like chew bones, they help to mechanically clean your dog's teeth with the added bonus of tasting great, so your dog will be only too happy to get involved. The surface of these treats also help to clean the teeth and the flavours leave a clean mouth-feel. See which dog dental care snacks are your pet's favourite!

  • What should I be looking out for with eye and ear care?

    Eye care

    It is important that you keep close tabs on your dog's eye health, as well as trimming any fur that may grow excessively around the area. Here at zooplus you will find a selection of cleaning lotions and pads, which can help to effectively clean around the eye area and remove any dried fluid or flecks from near the eyes.

    Ear care

    You need to keep your dog's ears clean of wax, dirt and cerumen, as dirty ears can lead to inflammation or infection. We offer a range of ear care products that can help with care and avoid parasites or swelling.

  • Why is paw care so important for dogs?

    Although used in the same way, your dog's paws are not as robust as the soles of our shoes. They need to be regularly checked for any injury or damage - often your dog will walk strangely if something is wrong with its paw. Here at zooplus you can find special creams to protect the paws on long walks, as well as a range of dog boots in a range of colours and styles for extra protection. Clipping your dog's claws is also important, so you can find a set of claw clippers in our zooplus paw care section!

  • Why should I choose zooplus?

    In the zooplus Dog Shop you will find a great range of dog accessories and essentials. These help to ensure your dog is comfortable and happy both at home and out and about. We also offer plenty of dog food options and toys to keep your pet entertained! Find everything you need for affordable prices, all in one place, and have it delivered straight to your door!

    We also offer plenty of Dog Health and Care advice in our zooplus Magazine, including dog grooming tips, key points to look out for and how to know whether you should administer first aid at home or if a vet's visit is needed!

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