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ooplus offers a wide range of natural alternatives to Frontline as Flea and Tick treatments. Natural parasite repellents such as Spot On treatments are available amongst shampoo's, sprays, tweezers and many more products to help keep your pet parasite free.

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1 - 9 of 9 products
1 - 9 of 9 products

Handy and durable plastic tick tweezers, for dogs and cats, remove ticks by turning the tool, does not crush the tick, available in various colours, length: 9cm

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Tick Tweezers
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2-in-1 accessory for removing ticks from dogs, cats and other animals, tweezers and hook in one tool, made of brushed stainless steel, high-quality, includes practical leather pouch

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Tick Hook and Tweezers
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Battery operated electric flea comb for cats and dogs, flea removal without chemicals, harmless and painless for pets, retractable comb to protect the tines, made of plastic / metal

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L 16.5 cm
GRAU Garlic Tablets

Garlic in tablet form, ideal for dogs and cats, offering natural protection against pests such as ticks and fleas, helping to support your pet particularly in older age, ideal for daily feeding.

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200 pills
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Sturdy tick hooks made of plastic, 2 hooks in different sizes, suitable for dogs, cats & other pets. This handy tool removes by twisting, not crushing the tick. Length 5 / 6cm.

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1 x 2 hooks
€5.29 / unit
3 x 2 hooks
individually priced €15.87
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Verm-X Dog Crunchies are made from completely natural ingredients. These tasty little treats provide effective internal parasite control for your dog.

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325 g
€71.18 / kg
Saver Pack: 2 x 325g
individually priced €46.98
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Practical tool for the removal of ticks, with an integrated LED light to help your find the parasites in your pet’s fur and reduce the risk of transmitting dangerous pathogens.

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1 Tool

The handy Trixie metal comb will help to remove parasites, such as fleas and lice from your pet's fur.
Use regularly to keep unwanted guests away.

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- 6cm
Trixie Garlic Supplement for Dogs

Natural supplement for dogs in a practical pellet form, with garlic to create an environment on your pet's skin that is inhospitable to ticks, without odour and to support the cardiovascular system.

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€8.66 / kg
  • Protect your dog from unwanted guests

    When ticks, fleas and other parasites set up camp in your dog's coat, it is more than just irritating - they can have a painful and unpleasant effect on your dog's wellbeing. It's, ticks and other parasites can also carry diseases that can have potentially devastating consequences for your dog. Here at zooplus we offer a comprehensive selection of parasite protection that can help to save your dog from unnecessary suffering, including sprays, removal tools and parasite repellents.

  • What parasite protection is available for my dog?

    In order to prevent your pet from being plagued by unwanted guests, zooplus provides a selection of products that can help both avoid and treat the issue. Here you will find a brief overview of the different options available for parasite protection in dogs.

    Internal parasite protection

    These natural products have been creating to create an inhospitable environment for parasites inside your pet, as well as supporting the digestive system in general. A great option if you like to support your dog's health with medicinal herbs and are looking for a natural way to keep nasties at bay!

    Spot-on flea and tick protection

    For practical, long-lasting protection, a spot-on solution can be a great choice. Simply apply between your dog's shoulder blades and it should offer around 4 weeks' protection against ticks and other parasites. The active ingredient is absorbed by your dog's skin and works its magic from the outside. The most important thing is that you apply it in a place your dog cannot reach, as it is vital that your dog does not lick the spot-on solution off its coat. There are different options available depending on your dog's size, to ensure it provides adequate protection.

    Anti-flea and anti-tick collars

    If you would rather not use a spot-on treatment, there are other options available to provide effective protection against fleas, ticks and other parasites. They can simply be worn next to your dog's usual collar and help to keep ticks and fleas at bay. It can also help to keep irritating insects away!

    Flea and tick sprays

    Another preventative option is a tick and flea spray. Simply spray it over your dog and it helps to effectively fight fleas, ticks and other parasites. Such anti-parasite sprays can also help prevent there being any chance of eggs or larvae hatching. A flea or tick spray can offer protection for up to 4 weeks, depending on the type of spray you choose, and can come in preventative and treatment options. By using a spray, you can help to keep not only your pet free from fleas but also your dog's bed, your furniture and your home.

  • How can I avoid parasite problems for my dog?

    Coat care with brushes and combs

    The thicker your dog's coat, the more likely it is that it could be harbouring unwanted parasites without your noticing. Caring for your dog's fur regularly, therefore, is a great way to keep on top of flea and tick protection. It helps to avoid matted fur and will reliably remove any loose hairs, leaving the coat smooth and healthy. It can also mean you more quickly find any parasite infestations, which can then be removed using specialist brushes and combs. Grooming gloves and massage brushes can also be helpful in creating a grooming routine that your dog loves. If all else fails and your dog refuses to sit still for its brushing, we offer a great range of tasty treats to act as a bribe!

    Clippers and scissors for longer coats

    Keeping on top of your dog's coat with trimmers and clippers can also help to prevent knots and matting in longer coats, which can in turn prevent your dog's fur getting too dirty. Spending time outdoors can leave your dog looking dishevelled, so trimmers or scissors can be an ideal way to ensure parasites are removed along with any knots or damaged fur.

    Flea shampoo for dogs

    Another way to care for your dog's skin and coat is with an anti-parasitic shampoo, offering effective protection against fleas, ticks and mites. It is also a handy way to keep your dog clean and hygienic! Flea shampoos are designed to care for and soothe your dog's skin.

  • How do I remove a tick from my dog?

    Ticks are a common occurrence in dogs, particularly after forest walks in the summer months. They are also something that many owners get anxious about, as there are so many horror stories about incorrect tick removal! Here at zooplus you will find tick removal tools to make the task simple and painless. These accessories, including tweezers and twisters, are the most reliable way to ensure complete tick removal.

  • Why do I need to worm my dog?

    Worms can get into your dog's system in a number of ways as your dog explores the world around it nose-first! For example, if you or your dog comes into contact with stool infected with worms, the resilient eggs may have survived and find a way to get to your dog, whether that be on the sole of your shoe or on your pet's coat. As soon as these eggs come anywhere near your dog's mouth, they can cause a worm infestation and, unfortunately, dogs are popular host animals for a number of different worm species. This is why regularly worming your dog is not just highly recommended, but an essential part of dog-owning.

  • Why should I choose zooplus for canine parasite protection?

    No matter how you choose to protect your dog against unwanted guests, you will find the tools you need here at zooplus! Browse our online store for parasite repellents, effective grooming tools and caring pet shampoos at affordable prices, then have it all delivered directly to your door. In the zooplus Dog Shop you will also find an extensive selection for accessories, dog food and dog toys - everything your dog could possible need!

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