Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are great for home grooming. Make sure you have the right size head for the length of fur you want, and you're ready to go!

1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products

Extra-light, ergonomic professional clippers with a powerful motor and 3 speeds, ideal for general shearing and detailed trimming. Low-vibration and low-noise. Clipper blades sold separately

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3 Speed Clipper (without blades)
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Special blade oil for care of electric clipper sets. Keeps blades lubricated and running smoothly, ensuring a longer lifespan for your electric clippers. Regular application recommended.

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Original clipper blades from Oster. Very durable and long lasting and a great selection. There's a blade to suit every type of fur.

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Clipper Blade No.4 (Length 9.5mm, Skip Tooth)
Clipper Blade No.5 (Length 6.3mm, Skip Tooth)
Clipper Blade No.7F (Length 3.2mm)
Clipper Blade No.10 (Length 1.5mm)
Clipper Blade No.7 (Length 3.2mm, Skip Tooth)

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High performance 2-speed pet clippers, extremely quiet operation. Gives a professional-looking haircut for large dogs & cats. 45 watts. With care oil, 1mm blade & 2 comb attachments, mains-operated.

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replacement head 1 mm

Practical clipper for cats & dogs, cutting length adjustable (3-6 mm), stainless steel clipper head, with comb attachment, battery and mains operation possible, compact design, incl. charging station

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Complete set

Dog Clippers

Primp and prune your dog to perfection!

Choosing the right dog clippers can be trickier than you think, so here is some useful advice to consider when browsing the selection of dog grooming clippers for sale:

Blade Length:

Does your dog have particularly thick fur? And does it have an undercoat? Are you looking to trim your dog’s hair as short as possible or just to clip a few millimetres off the end? All of these are key questions to answer before you select any dog grooming clippers, to make sure you are buying a blade that is the right length for your desired outcome as well as for your dog’s specific fur type.


Many blades offer adjustable cutting lengths, which can come in handy. We also recommend considering dog grooming scissors instead of a blade for use around the dog’s face or ears, areas which are naturally sensitive.

Speed Settings:

Depending on the kind of fur you are dealing with depends on the clipper speed you will need. A fine coat needs a lower cycle per minute, such as 3100. This is also perfect if you are looking to shear all the way to the skin. However, if your dog is blessed with thicker, luscious fur, you will need a high cycle per minute, such as 4100.


Features that won’t be labelled on the packaging but that are as important as speed settings and blade length are things such as the weight and comfort of the blade. Many come with non-slip designs, which can be extremely handy, and you will also want to think about cord length before purchasing. All vital things to think about which won’t be prompted by the item’s advertising! Cordless dog clippers can also be a great investment - with cordless dog clippers you are not limited to location and can reach more easily around your dog.
Once you have purchased your dog clippers from zooplus Ireland, there are a few key points to remember about dog grooming:
Blade maintenance: This is key in helping your blades last as long as possible. Over time they will, of course, naturally wear down and need replacing, but a lack of oil between the metal surfaces will speed this process up. We recommend putting oil on your clipper bases at regular interventions when using them for a sustained period of time, preferably every 3-4 minutes.
Keep your dog clean: Clean dogs are easier to groom! If your dog’s fur is matted with dirt or sand, it will naturally be more difficult for the blades to cut through, dulling them and making them less effective. Give your dog a thorough wash and clean before grooming, as well as drying the fur.

Here at zooplus Ireland, not only do we offer dog grooming clippers for sale but also a range of products to help keep your dog clippers in great condition. Browse the Best-Selling Dog Grooming Products here:
  • Moser Dog Clippers max50: Premium quality German clippers, these are powerful and efficient, leaving your dog looking trim and tidy.
  • Oster Clipper Golden A5: This are suitable either as personal clippers or for professionals and feature two adjustable speed settings.
  • Pet Clipper 9000 with Clipper Blade: For a reliable grooming experience offering two speed settings, as well as being something that won’t break the bank!
  • Mini Pet Trimmer CP-1178: This is compact and simple to use, making it the perfect way to keep sensitive areas well-groomed.
  • Oster Premium Grooming Shears: \ These top-quality grooming shears feature the best quality blades that are sharp and efficient.
  • Special Blade Oil for Electric Clippers: A must for whichever clippers you go for, blade oil helps to keep your razor sharp and effective. A word of warning - don’t use too much! Just the smallest drop of this quality oil is enough.

Your dog deserves rewarding for sitting still long enough to be thoroughly groomed to perfection! Why not take a look at our fabulous range of tasty Back to the top

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