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Dog Toys, Sports & Training

dog toys

Dog toys can help you build a trusting relationship with your dog and provide all-important exercise and activity. Dog sports, including dog agility courses, are also gaining popularity and various dog training equipment can help you & your pet be successful in your goals and bring variety and enjoyment to your dog's agility sessions.
Chew toys can also be great in keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy. Jaw muscles can be strengthened through extensive chewing. It also helps to keep teeth clean, combatting plaque and tartar build up through dental abrasion. Many dog chew toys available here at zooplus also feature textured surfaces, which can massage your dog's gums and encourage overall dental health.

Fun times together - accessories for outdoor fun with your dog

Dog Toys

The perfect way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle that’s packed full of endless hours of fun!

What can be gained from using dog toys?

Physical exercise: Unfortunately nowadays many dogs are not receiving the exercise they need. It may be that they live in a town or city that simply doesn’t allow that much movement, or perhaps time constraints make it difficult for your dog to manage a long walk every day. As your dog has evolved from a wild animal, its natural living would have involved near-constant moving around and being active, which is why it is so important to exercise your dog every single day. Exercise can also be vital in preventing excessive, unhealthy weight gain and keeping illnesses such as diabetes at bay. Dog toys can be a great way to achieve these activity levels, encouraging your dog to run, chase and catch!

Mental stimulation: Your dog is a naturally curious and intelligent being, meaning it needs entertaining regularly to prevent boredom setting in. Dog toys are the ideal way to do this, stimulating natural instincts and helping to keep your dog happy and relaxed. A dog toy can also minimise stress and make your dog feel less lonely if it has been left on its own. By offering your dog a range of exciting and interesting, large and small dog toys, you can help keep it happy and fulfilled, as well as healthy!

Bonding: Dog toys can be a great way to get you and your family truly involved in your dog’s life, something extremely important - after all, you are your dog’s pack! Playing with dog toys can increase the bond between dog and owner, as well as fulfilling the social needs of both. It is not only your dog that will benefit from dog toys - by playing with your dog on a regular basis, you will also find yourself less stressed, happier and more relaxed, as well as building a vital bond between the two of you.

Strong teeth: On another health-related note, playing with chew toys can be a real benefit for your dog’s dental health and hygiene. Chewing on dog toys keeps your dogs jaw strong and teeth sharp, as well as encouraging saliva into the mouth, which is vital for gum health. Regular chewing of dog toys can also have a teeth-cleaning effect, which saves everyone the unpleasantness of a toothbrush!

Need a nudge in the right direction?
Have a look at our dog toy check list, designed to help you choose the right option when you buy dog toys online for your canine companion:

1. Size: The general rule with size of dog toys is that your large dog toys are for larger breed dogs and small dog toys are for smaller breed dogs - simple as that! Most dog toys at zooplus come with a recommendation for which size of dog they are suitable for. Remember, avoid going for any excessively small dog toys, as your dog could easily swallow it by accident in its enthusiasm.
2. Materials & durability: Is your dog a chewer? A tearer? A cuddler? A burier? Maybe it likes to carry its dog toys around to find the perfect spot to play in? All of these will have an effect on the dog toy that is right for your dog. Go for something strong and sturdy if you know your dog likes to chew on its dog toys for hours on end or will try to rip it to shreds, while softer, snuggly materials offer the perfect cuddle toy. We recommend a dog toy made from a natural material if it is likely to be buried in the garden and light dog toys if they are going to be carried around all day!
3. Safety: Any small parts or hazardous materials in dog toys are a big no-no. They can have serious health complications for your dog, causing it to choke or getting stuck in the digestive system. Make sure you read the label carefully and, if in doubt, go for something natural and free from small, fiddly pieces.
4. Easy to clean: Every dog toy will show signs of wear and tear after hours of play, but the important thing is to keep your dog toys clean and hygienic. Choosing a dog toy that is waterproof and can be easily washed will make your life so much simpler!
Types of dog toy: There are so many dog toys to choose from nowadays that it can be overwhelming, leaving you dumbfounded as to what kind of dog toy you actually want.
Have a look here to see what we can offer you if you choose to buy dog toys online at zooplus:

  • Squeaker Toys: occupy your dog for hours with these brilliant dog toys. They can be machine washed and are ideal for fetching and chewing, squeaking loudly whenever your dog sinks its teeth in.
  • Chewing Toys: if your dog loves to get its jaws around a good dog toy, or if your puppy’s teeth are just coming through, look no further than a chew toy.
  • Throw & Fetch Toys: the all-time favourite! Throwing, fetching and catching are surefire ways to keep your dog entertained for hours and can be achieved with plenty of dog toys, including frisbees.
  • Floating Toys: if your dog loves nothing better than a good paddle, these floating dog toys will be ideal.
  • Ropes & Rings: challenge your dog to a game of tug-of-war with these strong, sturdy dog toys!
  • KONG Toys: the natural rubber of these toys is bouncy and robust, making them ideal for chasing after and chewing for hours, as well as being simple to clean. The hole in the middle of this dog toy makes them easy to pick up and can offer the perfect hiding place for a tasty treat!
  • Mental Exercise Toys: keep your dog’s mind active as well as its body with these stimulating puzzle dog toys, great for memory training and an overall mental workout.

Agility & Training:

Here at zooplus you can buy dog toys online, including a great range of fun, interactive dog agility & dog sport equipment and dog toys, great for keeping fitness and behaviour levels high as well as helping to train your dog for agility events. A selection of dog toys and training gear such as hoops, hurdles and obstacles will keep you and your dog entertained for hours! These dog toys can be great for training or even just to provide some well-deserved fun.

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