Dog Whistles & Dog Clickers

Dog whistles and dog clickers help you train your dog in a gentle way by providing a consistent tone or sound to get your dog's attention. This helps you stay calm and avoids you having to shout or whistle.

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5 products
5 products
Trixie High Frequency Dog Whistle - With Frequency Protection

Metal dog whistle - individually adjustable to a constant frequency for unambiguous commands.

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The Multi-Clicker with adjustable volume and Clicker-Training instruction for a non-violent education of your dog, cat or horse

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Train your dog with sound: 5 metal discs on a cord for use in gentle obedience training. Includes instruction booklet

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Stick with integrated clicker for effective training of all pets. Includes instructions.

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Handy training aid for dogs, which combines a whistle and a clicker. Perfect for recall and reward training. With a detachable wrist strap, particularly easy and handy to use 

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Dog Whistles & Dog Clickers

The ideal aid for training your dog!

Training a dog can be complex, requiring various tools to help you, and a dog whistle or dog clicker can be the ideal solution. Here at zooplus we offer a range of dog whistles that only canine ears can detect, and dog clickers that are ideal for marking wanted behaviour. There are a selection of different dog training tools that use sound to help teach your dog the correct behaviour.
These dog training devices also come with instructions on how to use them, helping to ensure you stand the best chance of correctly training your dog. A dog whistle or dog clicker can be an invaluable tool when teaching your young puppy or a new dog, as well as for activities such as agility or obedience.

Browse the full range of Dog Whistles & Dog Clickers available here at zooplus

Dog whistles and dog clickers can be essential tools in training a dog.
Take a look at the various different options we offer here at zooplus to find the tool most suited to your needs.

  • Dog Whistles: a dog whistle can be a great tool for bringing your dog back to you, with a high-frequency whistle that your dog will be able to hear clearly. The fact that the tone of the whistle remains the same can make this dog whistle ideal during stressful situations in which your tone of voice may let on to your dog that something is wrong.
  • Dog Click Systems: dog clickers are a great way of training, as they can be used quickly to let your dog know that it has done something right and that a reward is on the way. Clicker training is based on scientific evidence and a dog clicker can be a key weapon in your dog training arsenal.
  • Other Dog Training Tools: there are various other ways to help you train your dog, some of which are sold here at zooplus and including things such as training discs. Make sure you are well prepared for the task of training a dog!

Dog whistles and dog clickers can be vital in training your dog.
Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of dog training aids to suit every owner’s needs.

Browse the full range of Dog Toys, Sports & Training products available here at zooplus, to ensure your dog is active but well-trained!

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