Whiskas cat food helps to keep your cat healthy and full of vitality. This new formula meets the specific needs of cats at every life stage, so whether you have a kitten, a senior or an adult cat, you are offering your cat everything they need to lead a long and happy life.

Whiskas dry food is rich in vitamins and fresh meat. The texture of the dry food helps to support your cat’s dental health, as tartar is prevented from forming through the kibble’s gentle abrasive effect. Whiskas wet food offers a great variety of flavours and an appetising fresh taste in single-serve pouches or cans.

Whiskas Cat Food

Something for every cat with a variety of cat foods from Whiskas, all available here at zooplus.

For all lifestages and tastes, zooplus have a Whiskas wet food or dry food product to suit your cat and keep it healthy and happy. All Whiskas wet cat food products are gently steamed to maintain the great aroma and taste of the superb ingredients, all of which are of premium quality and offer a range of different nutrients. In order to keep your cat interested and satisfied, Whiskas cat food is available in a large variety of different tastes to try, so you can quickly discover your cat’s favourites. For both Dry and Wet Whiskas Cat Food the products are divided by lifestage, with specified nutritional values depending on your cat’s needs at this point in its life. No matter whether your cat is a kitten (2-12 months), adult (1+ years) or senior cat (7+ years), there will be something to meet its needs and keep it happy and well nourished. Choose from a wet food diet or a kibble diet, or combine both with the impressive Whiskas cat food selection.
Whiskas cat food is available in individual flavours or as selection packs, so there is an option for everyone. Simply decide whether your cat has a single firm favourite or likes a bit of variety in its food bowl. A mixed selection can also be a great option when starting out on this food, as it gives your cat a chance to sample each and every flavour!

Explore the great range of Whiskas pouches, tins, dry food and treats available at zooplus:

  • Whiskas Kitten: Made just for kittens from 2 months old up to 12 months old, Whiskas Kittten Food gives your little ones a great start in life with easy to chew and digest servings that have been gently steam cooked, each providing the perfect amount of food to satisfy a small kitten appetite!
  • Whiskas Senior: Older cats have different needs. As metabolism slows down with age, your older cat will need need less energy but still wish to enjoy a satisying meal. As well as helping older cats avoid gaining excess weight, Whiskas Senior Pouches also contain plenty of fibre to keep digestion healthy and provide vital oils for skin and fur.
  • Whiskas Adult: Made for cats over 1 year, the range includes dry and wet food in over a dozen flavours, each balanced with everything they need in terms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Whiskas Dry Cat Food: Whiskas dry food follows the same strict philosophy as its wet food, ensuring great quality, digestibility and flavour for your cat to enjoy, just in a crunchier, crispier form!
  • Whiskas Treats: Whiskas treats are made to be delicious, so you can give your cat a well deserved reward but also care for their health. Whiskas believe that every treat should support physical wellbeing as well as mental, which is why varieties such as Denta-Bites, Anti-Hairball and Vitamin E-xtra treats all offer great nutritional benefits as well as irresistible flavour.
  • Whiskas Cat Milk: Cats love milk, but they don't enjoy the poorly tummies that normal milk can give them! Whiskas Cat Milk has a much lower lactose content, which means your cat can enjoy that great milky flavour without the unpleasant side effects!
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