Hemp Nesting Material for Small Pets

This natural bedding soaks up liquids like a natural sponge, binding them in the finely chopped litter that has been cleaned from dust. The loose, open structure and pores of the hemp ensure excellent ventilation, putting an end to unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermenting of bedding. Moisture is passed back out while the smell stays in the capillaries of the bedding material. Especially suitable for allergy prone small pets and burrowing animals.

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4 products
4 products

Soft hemp mat for your small pet's home, especially suitable for animals with allergic reactions.
Available in a variety of sizes.

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40 x 100 cm (L x W)

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50 x 120 cm (L x W)

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70 x 150cm (L x W)

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€30.02 / kg

Small pet bedding made from 100% hemp. This economical HUGRO® product is especially low in dust, making it suitable for all small pets – even those with allergies.

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30 litre

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100 litre

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 Hemp bedding Hemparade

Hemp bedding (formerly Siccofloor) for rodent homes, bird cages and horse boxes, softer than pellets, 100% natural hemp without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemicals, very low in dust, economical in use.

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150l (approx. 14kg)

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€1.55 / kg

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Hugro Natural Litter

Vegetable rodent litter made from sustainably sourced hemp, finely chopped, dust cleaned several times, extra soft and super absorbent. Lasting odour retention, allergy friendly.

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1 Varieties from

€6.13 / kg

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