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Ceiling Cat Trees

A cat tree with ceiling attachment has the advantage of being individually adjustable and that it reaches the ceiling. By connecting to the ceiling it gains stability and reaches exciting heights for cats. Here you'll find a great selection of these cat trees - 200 + cm.
Please note: As a safety measure, we recommend the purchase of the wall bracket to secure any cat tree. This supports and prevents the accidental tipping of the cat tree. Please click here for further information: Cat Tree Wall Bracket

Ceiling Cat Trees:

Natural Paradise Ceiling Cat Tree - XL

109.99 109.99 EUR 2
RRP*  €152.99
Our Price  €109.99
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RRP*  €154.99
Our Price  €109.99
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Natural Paradise Cat Tree - XXL

219.99 219.99 EUR 1
Cream (2 Packages)
RRP*  €309.99
Our Price  €219.99
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Orion Cat Tree

43.99 43.99 EUR 1
Beige with Wall Bracket
RRP*  €71.99
Our Price  €43.99
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Atlas Cat Tree

81.99 81.99 EUR 2
RRP*  €109.99
Our Price  €81.99
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RRP*  €109.99
Our Price  €81.99
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Cat Tree Wall Bracket

6.49 6.49 EUR 1
diameter 8.5 x (L) 35 cm
RRP*  €9.99
Our Price  €6.49
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Feliway FeliScratch

19.99 19.99 EUR 1
9 x 5ml
Was  €24.99
Now  €19.99
(€0.44 / ml)
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Natural Paradise Quadra Ceiling Cat Tree new

164.99 164.99 EUR 1
Was  €197.99
Now  €164.99
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Ceiling Cat Trees

For cats that love to climb, the sky really is the limit!

A cat tree that reaches the ceiling naturally offers an increase in climbing opportunities for your cat, as well as having the advantage of being individually adjustable. By connecting your cat tower to the ceiling, you can provide added stability and exciting new levels for your cat to explore. A large cat tower can also be great if you have a multi-cat household, as it offers plenty of space for playing or individual climbing.

You can find a great selection of cat towers reaching 200cm and higher, all featuring a range of pillars, posts, hammocks and platforms, for extreme excitement and to satisfy your cat’s needs. As with many other cat trees, a ceiling high cat tower contains sisal-coated posts that are great for scratching and sharpening claws!
Here at zooplus you can also find wall brackets to make these ceiling high cat towers more secure and enticing scents to encourage your cat to play and scratch here rather than on your sofa!

Browse the range of Ceiling Cat Trees available here at zooplus and choose the perfect climbing cat tower for your home, all offering a selection of the following features:

  • Sisal posts: our furniture and upholstery can take a real battering when cats are around, especially if you live in a multi-cat household! By installing a cat tower in your home that features large, robust sisal-coated posts, you can help ensure your cat sharpens its claws here instead of on cushions or couches, as it is a satisfying material to scratch and can offer stretching opportunities at the same time!
  • Sleeping dens and hammocks: with a ceiling cat tower, your cats can disappear up into the rafters and nap in a cosy sleeping den or a fancy hammock, both of which offer comfort and security. Many of these sleeping dens feature comfortable, soft cushions that can be removed and machine washed when necessary. By offering a number of hammocks and beds on each ceiling cat tree, you can ensure every cat has its place to nap.
  • Platforms: these are ideal in assisting a climb to the ceiling as well as for gaining a vantage point over other members of the family, so your cat can climb to lofty heights and keep an eye on its kingdom!
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