Burns Sensitive Dog Food

Burns Sensitive Dog Food is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and/or digestion. Burns sensitive avoids adding ingredients which may cause known symptoms of food intolerances, inlcuding itchy skin, digestive discomfort and many more. Burns dog food is formulated without wheat, soya, dairy, and artificial colourings & preservatives.

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1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products

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Burns Sensitive Dog Food

Find the perfect complete kibble from Burns for your sensitive dog

Burns is a British company that produces simple, high-quality diets developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns. All Burns diets are hypoallergenic, naturally preserved and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Burns Pet Nutrition takes an ethical approach to pet food manufacture and has never conducted experiments on animals.

Burns Sensitive Dog Food is the perfect complete, balanced dish for dogs with stomach or skin sensitivities, as well as those with specific dietary intolerances or allergies that can manifest themselves in unpleasant symptoms such as itchiness or diarrhoea. Burns Sensitive Dog Food steers clear of the ingredients generally known to cause these side effects, including wheat, dairy, soya and artificial colours or preservatives. These premium dishes are recommended by behaviourists and are made using the highest possible quality controls so that you can be sure you are feeding your dog the very best.
Just because your dog suffers from sensitive skin or digestion does not mean it should miss out on delicious, wholesome food! That is why this special range of Burns Sensitive Dog Food has been developed, with hypoallergenic recipes and novel sources of protein and carbohydrate to make the dishes as well accepted as possible. Your dog is bound to love this innovative selection of sensitive kibble!

Choose your dog’s favourite Burns Sensitive Dog Food and make for a happier, healthier dog:

  • Burns Pork & Potato - Adult Sensitive+: This complete, balanced Burns Sensitive Dog Food is designed to offer health and vitality to sensitive dogs, with a range of nutrients in a hypoallergenic recipe. It uses pork as a more unusual protein source, meaning it is less likely to invoke unpleasant reactions. It is the ideal dish for those with sensitive digestive systems and contains potato, a complex carbohydrate that will keep your dog’s gut functioning properly. Premium quality, low-fat food to keep your sensitive dog in the best possible health.
  • Burns Duck & Brown Rice - Adult & Senior Sensitive+: Duck is much less likely to result in adverse reactions than more commonly used sources of protein such as chicken, lamb and fish. That is why this Burns Sensitive Dog Food can make the ideal maintenance dish for your sensitive dog, keeping skin, coat and digestion in optimum health and ideal for both adult and senior dogs. Help your dog avoid unpleasant symptoms such as itchiness, flatulence, bad breath and excessive moulting, for a happier life all round for you and your dog!
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