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Mouse & Gerbil Food

Here is something for every mouse and gerbil - no one goes home with empty paws.
It's important to remember that mice, gerbils, and other small pets need fruit, vegetables, and greens in addition to grains and seeds as part of their healthy diet.
4 products
4 products

JR Farm

Mixed feed with leeks and carrots for rabbits and other rodents, also suitable as a main feed

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Was €12.49 Now€10.49 €2.62 / kg
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Versele-Laga Nature Gerbil Food

Gerbil food rich in grains, fruits and vegetables to offer essential vitamins for vitality and health, with mealworms for animal protein and to offer energy for an active small pet lifestyle.

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Was €6.29 Now€5.29 €7.56 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 700g
individually priced €10.58 Now€9.19 €6.56 / kg

Other Mouse & Gerbil Food

Premium complete food for gerbils. A balanced mix suited to the behavioural habits and natural habitat of the gerbil. Contains grain, seeds, vegetables, herbs and insects - recommended by vets.

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Was €8.69 Now€7.19 €11.98 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 600g
individually priced €14.38 Now€12.69 €10.58 / kg
Versele-Laga Complete Rat & Mouse

Complete food for rats and mice, all-in-one pellets prevent selective eating, with animal protein (chicken), grains, linseeds, peas, cranberries and yucca, helps promote healthy teeth

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Was €20.49 Now€16.99 €8.50 / kg
2 x 2kg
individually priced €33.98 Now€31.49 €7.87 / kg

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