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Pipa 🎀

Hello, my name is Pipa - also called the Snack Princess! I have been working as a Content Manager & Product Tester for 2 years now. Creating tasty content is my favourite thing to do!

I don't really like to think back to my time before zooplus. As a puppy I was abandoned on the streets of Hungary... luckily animal welfare activists found and saved me! My bright, funny personality in the placement ad immediately charmed my family and soon I moved into my new home. It was love at first sight. In the meantime I have developed into a real food critique and recognise the woof effect in every product.... yummy!

Pipa's Profile

- Breed: Puli-Schnauzer mix

- Weight: 15 kg

- Age: 3 years

- Country of Origin: Hungary

- Animal Welfare Background: found as a lonely puppy on the street, rescued to a shelter in Cegléd (Hungary), adopted in November 2019 via the animal welfare organisation

- Special Features: makes "bunnies" for extra-delicious nibbles, but loves to chase rabbits instead, loves to relax in her favourite dog bed

Pipa at Work

Pipa x Rosie's Farm Fresh like from grandma's farm 🐷 Rosie's Farm

Rosie's Farm food contains lots of selected, seasonal fruit and vegetables and fresh meat - just right for a foodie princess like me! I wonder if I'll serve it at the next company dinner? Who knows, lots of tail wagging would be guaranteed.

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