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Betty ✈️

Hi, I'm Betty and I've been working at zooplus for a year now as a Team Lead Network Control Tower and Product Tester. At 6 years old, I have travelled a lot and lived in different places. Last year I moved from Ukraine to Poland. Unfortunately, many of my friends are still in Ukraine, but I hope to visit them soon.

I like my dog-working mates very much, but the human mates are my favourite - they always throw my ball really far, because fetch games are my favourite.

When I have free time, I travel around the dog world and sniff out new places.

Betty's Profile

- Breed: French Bulldog

- Weight: 14 kg

- Age: 6 years (*03.02.16)

- Country of Origin: Ukraine/Poland

- Special Features: a quick learner and lover of intelligence games, children, football, people in general, visiting new places and on top of that very tricky (because I knows exactly how to get what I want).

Betty at Work

Betty x Star Wars Baby Yoda Chew it or don't chew it 👽 Yoda dog toy

Ever since I got my Star Wars Baby Yoda, he's been my absolute favourite toy. It's cuddly and squeaks so nicely when I bite it. Mummy also thinks he's very cute and would like one too. But she can borrow mine.

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