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Amigo 👓

Hi, I'm Amigo and I've been working as an invoice inspector and product tester for zooplus for 9 years. With my 13 years, I have already experienced a lot, so now it's mainly relax and chill.

But just chilling would be boring, so I still go for regular walks with my grandpa friend Trolli. Trolli and I are true carrot lovers and often make a carrot snack stop on our walk. We are known as the cool grandpa duo in our village, where we are still admired and greeted by our fans. These golden years suit me quite well and, of course, my job keeps me on guard against the latest trends. 

Amigo's Profile

- Breed: Fox terrier mix

- Weight: 21 kg

- Age: 13 years

- Country of Origin: Germany

- Characteristics: can retrieve small objects, loves to shower

- Animal siblings: Trolli (horse), Filly & Franz (rabbits)

Amigo at Work

Amigo x Rocco Snack Mix XXL Snack and relax ☀️ New: Snack-Mix XXL

New in the range: Rocco Snack-Mix XXL Chicken for all dogs who want to do themselves some good in the summer. The high-quality chicken fillet meat is low in fat and easy to digest, which makes me very happy as a zooplus grandpa. Because we granddads also want to stay crunchy in the summer.

Amigo x Wolf of Wilderness The wild times are not over 👴 Wolf of Wilderness

Even as a senior, there's still a bit of a wolf in me. Mum also recognised that and I was allowed to test the Wolf of Wilderness Senior "Green Fields". I liked it and my humans are also satisfied, as the food is very much based on the original diet of a wolf.

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