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Ted 🐽

I have been working as a product tester and content manager at zooplus Netherlands for almost two years now. At the age of 3, I have already developed a "sophisticated" taste in foods - I love everything on the floor. Snacks, chewing gum, small twigs, just everything. When I'm not further developing my taste buds, I love jumping around in water, dragging big branches through the forest or rolling in a lovely smelling mud puddles.

My favourite food is definitely "lots and give me some more". My favourite toy: anything I don't have to "retrieve". I'm already a Labrador Retriever, that will have to do. 

Ted's Profile

- Breed: Labrador Retriever

- Weight: 33kg

- Age: 3 years

- Country of Origin: Austria

- Specialties: Master at mud rolling and dragging big trees around - I would make a good branch manager. I never eat my food without getting an ok, even if I drool all over it in the meantime. 

Ted at Work

Ted x Wolf of Wilderness At the Table with Ted 🥩 Wolf of Wilderness

Left paw on the left, right paw on the right - this way everything tastes better in my bowl! Wolf of Wilderness "Green Fields" is a grain-free, single protein wet dog food, enriched with herbs and roots. I can taste immediately that there are no added preservatives, colourants or flavourings!

Ted x kooa A set with X - that was quick 🧴 kooa shampoo

My mud-rolling workout was for the cat, with this the dirt comes off very easily. Now my skin & coat are flawless, just right for the next mud bath - I don't care what my mistress says. By the way, the kooa Sensitive Shampoo also helps against itching!

Ted x Sleepy Time Dog Bed You don't wake sleeping Teds 💤 Sleepy Time Dog Bed

1 pig's ear, 2 pig's ears, 3.... I'm hungry. In my Sleepy Time Dog Bed I can watch my territory from the balcony. The extra thick pillow sometimes makes me fall asleep and dream of pigs' ears. Whether it's cold or raining, the water resistant thermal cover is a real blessing. 

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