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Yoshi 🎮

Hi, I'm Yoshi and I've been working at zooplus as a content manager for a year now. Since I really have a lot to manage here, I need a good balance. To keep my work-life balance, I love video games. Super Mario is my favourite, which is why I was named after the green dinosaur. When Mum plays games after work, I sit right in front of the TV and chase everything that moves. My sister Minnie is not allowed to disturb me - full concentration is required here.

I like to learn new tricks, which is why I'm also very good at fetch - I learned this from my dog colleagues during a team meeting. 

Yoshi's Profile

- Breed: British Shorthair

- Weight: 6 kg

- Age: 1 year (*10.02.21)

- Country of Origin: Germany

- Characteristics: can retrieve small toys like a dog, loves water, rolls on his back on command, chases the ball when watching football on TV, cries when he can't find his cat sister Minnie

- Animal Siblings: Minnie (cat)

Yoshi x Wild Freedom So wild 🐈 Wild Freedom

Of all the dry food at zooplus, Wild Freedom simply tastes the best to me. It contains lots of tasty muscle meat and is made without any grain or other artificial additives. Mummy always pays very close attention to a high-quality composition in my diet!

Yoshi Playing with the Slo-Mo Cat Toy Think first, then eat 💡 Cat Toy

The Slo-Mo cat toy is quite a puzzle for me: Every time I think I've got it figured out, the next play session the plug-in maze is completely different again! With 20 pieces included, I never get bored. Sooner or later I always find all the goodies!

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