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Clooney 🤴🏻

Hi, I'm Clooney and I've been working at zooplus for 2 years as a Senior Content Manager for Key Accounts. My dog brother - Peanut - also works at our zooplus office, however, compared to him, I prefer to work from home. I can concentrate much better here.

When I'm not managing content, I like to treat myself to a lovely shower - my little beauty secret. And to stay really fit, I like to retrieve balls. I also taught my dog brother Peanut to do that! At the weekend, I like to go out and explore the area.

Clooney's Profile

- Breed: Maine Coon / Ragdoll

- Weight: 6 kg

- Age: 9 years

- Country of Origin: Germany

- Special Features: can retrieve small objects, loves to shower

- Animal Siblings: Peanut (dog)

Clooney at Work

Clooney x Wild Freedom Dinner date with Mr. Clooney 🍴 Wild Freedom

My secret recipe for a perfect date? Valuable proteins for strong muscle. Avoid artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. Add a few fresh herbs and, voilà, the feast is ready! In short: Wild Freedom Cold River dry food.

Clooney x Dangler Pole Toy I'm gonna get you... 🦚 Dangler Pole Toy

Left, right, poof - I've got you! It's not easy to fool me. The crackling foil between the natural feathers of the Dangler Pole Toy cat fishing rod immediately catches my attention. Luckily - at least for my human friends - the rod is extra long so I can't hurt anyone.

Clooney x Purizon Mr. Clooney does the catwalk 🌟 Purizon Adult

New in the range: Purizon Adult 6 x 400g - grain-free. So tasty - even I find it hard to sneak up on them here. These high-protein, low-carbohydrate menus come in lots of flavours, so I always have a varied menu for my dates.

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