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Biscotte 🍞

Bonjour, my name is Biscotte and I have been working at zooplus for 7 years as a Senior SEA Expert.

Translated, my name means "double-baked bread" - I still don't know why my name is like that. I don't look like a loaf of bread after all, I'm an elegant cat lady with beautiful, shimmering black fur! When I'm not taking a nap on my master's lap, I can be found in the garden. Chasing mice and birds is a lot of fun for me. Afterwards, it's much easier to relax on my co-worker's keyboard.

Biscotte's Profile

- Breed: Bombay-Mix

- Weight: 4 kg

- Age: 7 years

- Country of Origin: France

- Special Features: loves to chase mice and birds in the garden and prefers to drink directly from the tap. 

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