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Soko 🦥

Hello, my name is Soko also known as the cool sloth and I work with my sister Sia in the Munich home office as Head of Content. I don't really like to play, that's why I have a small belly. But if you tease me long enough with the game rod, I'll grab the thing. Lying down, of course, we don't have to overdo it. My tin-opener thinks I have autistic traits, but I just like routines like watching her shower every morning and sitting on the corner of the bath. Cleaning myself? I don't like that, it's like exercise. But I do clean up my sister's poop every day. Order is a must.

Soko's Profile

- Breed: EKH

- Weight: 5.6 kg

- Age: 12

- Country of Origin: Hungary

- Animal Welfare Background: Rescued from a kill shelter by a German animal welfare organisation and came to live with a foster home where a cat with 3 babies helped suckle the litter of 6 cats.

- Specialities: Specialist for the warmest and cosiest sleeping places. Likes it really warm, even lying in the sun at 30°.

- Animal Siblings: Sia

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