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Edgar 🌻

Hi, my name is Edgar and I've been working as a Merchandising and Purchasing Manager at zooplus in Krakow for 2 years. When I'm not checking out the latest merchandise, I like to spend my time in my vegetable patch. Here I have to do a lot of digging and picking, or just watch the grass grow.

When the weather is bad, I climb the curtains in the living room, jump on TV cabinets or - and here it comes - use my superpowers to open doors. They can't resist me for ten seconds.

Sesame - Edgar opens you!

Edgar at Work

Edgar x Tigerino Clumping litter 🌾 Tigerino Cat Litter

High absorbency and low dust, that's how clumping litter has to be. The litter is also made of natural clay and is free of any chemical additives. The smell of the Tigerino Canada Style cat litter is particularly convincing. Mum and I like the scents "freshly cut grass" and "baby powder" best.

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