02/17/18 | Ann Huber

More Please

Our dogs totally love theses and they are a good price. Tried from other retailers but our dogs just won't eat them. We keep coming back for more as our dogs have a bit every day when we wake.
12/09/16 | Ann Huber


These chews are brilliant. My GSD and cocker will do anything for a piece of this. Sadly the packets never last very long and would love to buy a big box. Hint, hint zooplus :)
09/01/16 | Joan Gregson


I have TWO German Shepherds - a 7 yr old and a 10 mth old. I didn't realise we could get the chews over here and for the last few years my niece has been sending them over from Germany. When the package arrives my husband breaks the chews down into smaller pieces, and after going their last night walk they one up for their treat. They actually DROOL they love them so much. They only get the one piece each, and perceive this to be the highlight of their day without Doubt!!!! Thank you
03/21/16 | Emma Steele

My dog loves these treats

I bought these for my puppy (viszla) he loves them he tries to force his way into the treat pantry to get at them. They don't last long so don't be fooled into thinking these will keep your dog occupied for more than 2/3 minutes. They are very nutrient rich so you need to balance dogs diet if you're giving these treats. Also more than one a day will cause dioreaha

Great occassional,treat

As another review these are quite big so I use as an occassional treat after a hard day for a working dog. They are relished and much better quality than other treats I've tried in their place being 100% natural. Recommend as an occasional treat but wouldn't feed too much as big and rich.
04/26/13 | Katherine

dogs love it

My two dogs absolutely love these. I only use them as rewards and they would do anything for them! The only problem is the fact that the pieces are quite hard so it is very difficult to break them into pieces. But it is a good healthy treat for anyone wanting to reward their dogs without using treats with 'nasties' in them.
06/01/12 | Caroline

A 'rich' food item

We have two labrador/collie cross dogs-16 months old at time of writing. At first our dogs loved these but they are not so keen now, not really sure why except that they may be a little 'rich' for them-loose stools afterwards. Texture is quite hard and they are smelly but I would say give them a go they may be just right for your dog and you don't know until you've tried-our dogs did love them at first.

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